Sativa ,indica or hybrid

Hi all im new to the forum and growing
So im debating which road to to down , i have a 4x4 tent ,600w hps
I was after a strong smoke with decent yields for this reason i was looking at more indica? But then i wanted to top and maybe lst to get the most from it so i guess would be out the window ?
Would you just put the 4 plant’s in a 4x4 in 7 gal final pots ?

I would run two plants, 3 gallon coco with Jack’s nutrients. Hybridized photoperiod plants like White Widow, Sour Diesel, Gold Leaf etc. will do you just fine.


I wont be able to do coco as ill have to attend to it more and it wont be at my house .
I carnt seem to get hold of any jacks round here also .
I was looking at the canna terra line .
What sort of training would you do of them strains , ill try find your journal’s and have a nosy


Hey @hashsmoker , Welcome to the forum.
I grow in coco and agree. Yes it needs daily care, but so do plants grown in soil to some degree. I have had to water plants in soil every day during late veg and early flower.
How often will you be able to tend the plants?


Ill be able to go daily ,just coco i guess can be twice a day would be a pain in the @@@

You could do Coco in Auto-pots…

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I agree with @Hashtonbutcher. I run coco + perlite with Autopots.

I can go several days without checking my plants if I’m out of town. I have a 15 gallon reservoir.

They have worked flawlessly for me so far.


amazon carries jacks 321