Same symptoms as last time

Ok my last grow with these white widows I had the exact same symptoms at the exact same time just about 4 weeks into flower. I’m using the ph perfect AN nutrient line for coco. Following the AN dosing schedule . Their support says I shouldn’t be seeing any deficiencies .
Strain; ILGM white widow

Soil : coco coir w/perlite

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 5.8

What is strength of nutrient mix? 1200ppm

Light system, 2- 600 watt mh/hps 1- 900watt LED

Temps; Day : 74. Night : 70

Humidity; Day: 45. Night. : 55

Ventilation system; Yes 6” inline fan

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, dehumidifier

Co2; No

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This is how it will end up

Looks like a bit of nute burn?

If you’ve been here and know where it’s going that is a good thing. I take it the second post is a pic of a former grow?

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Yes that was my first run with these widows. Symptoms are following almost exactly as they did before. But never figured why it was happening .

Leaves are really deep green.

I’m leaning toward nute burn, phosphorus deficiency or a calcium or mag deficiency . Stems are getting some red purple in them so I’m thinking phosphorus

Your nute mix is 1200. Do you know your run-off PPM? I’d say there is definitely too much nitrogen in the mix.

It shouldn’t be a N issue. I’ve switched to bloom it’s suppose to be less N

I feed everyday to run off so my in & out are the same

I’m stumped then. I just noticed you are in coco, so that’s a bit different that what I’m used to dealing with. They look good overall. I hope it works out well for you this time too.

I just added some extra N (versus none) to mine yesterday to help with their stretch. It turned the leaves a much darker green just in one day. I hope I didn’t overdo it.

I ran the grow nutes 2 weeks after the flip to help with the stretch also.

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Same thing I ran into with both widows I’ve grown. Same timeframe too. Have another one started now so I’ll see if it does the same as the other two. Didn’t seem to hurt them much as they turned out great. This is the first one I did. Second one did the same


Huh. Well that makes me feel better lol i wonder why. What nutes do you use? @BobbyDigital

Some of the leaves in the pictures, especially the first one, looked to be a Cal/Mag issue to me also Watt-Sun.

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Almost like the flowers are cannibalizing your leaves.

Trying again and see if raising the ppm during flower help any.

Remember nothing is ever completely perfect, leaves will die and things happen. I have leaves wither and die all the time, sometimes it’s something I needed to correct others it’s just old and time to go.

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I just called AN’s grower support line. Very helpful. They suggested I increase my feedings to 2-3 times a day and that should resolve the issue . Guess it’s time to look into an auto feeder cuz


Hmm, so the company selling you stuff said to use more of their stuff? Forgive my skepticism. :slight_smile: If your runoff numbers look good, I’d say it’s probably the beginning of a calcium deficiency. Are you feeding the recommended dose? You many need to bump it up some to compensate for what the coco will sequester. Or, you may need to let the pH swing slightly one way or the other to let it be taken in better. They look well fed to me, maybe wanting for some Phosphorus in a couple of the pics. But I can’t see tripling your feeding being necessary…or did they mean giving the same amount, just spread out?

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I’m in coco so more frequent feedings will mean it will take less at each feeding to achieve run off. I believe @MattyBear has his coco grow set up for multiple feedings per day . But yes lol I considered the irony in them telling me to use more product , but at this point I’ll give it a shot and see what happens. :v: @elheffe702

Okay, that makes sense. They look great, otherwise. I hope you get it figured out. Always improving! :+1:

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I use Pro-mix and hydro. I use Jacks for Hydro and General Hydroponics for Pro-mix. I note the Jacks will have a calcium deficiency easily so I add some GH Cal/Mag to the standard 3:2:1 ration. I have Never had an issue with GH. Here is my schedule for that:

Grown a lot of good bud with it. This chart is the “per gallon” measure. Keep pH at 5.9-6.0 or so.