Same symptoms as last time

I used fox farms trio and calmag on the first and roots organic terp tea on the second.

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Sometimes the calculations can be a little confusing. Just to be sure your dosages are correct, here are all the nutrients and supplements mapped out. Note: You don’t need to use all of these, but the dosages are there should you choose to. These are also not written in stone. Some strains may benefit from less nutrients, some may benefit from more.

One other thing: Have you been adding a calcium-magnesium supplement to your water? If so, check the bottle. If you’re using anything other than General Hydroponics Cal-magic, then it may have high levels of nitrogen in it.

Also, there’s no need to make any pH adjustments when using the Sensi products, as long as your water starts out between 4 and 9. Beyond that… that’s pretty bad water!

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Those are the dosages I have been using. Grower support basically said Coco is hydro and in hydro the plant has access to nutrients 24/7. @TommyBahama

Yep, correct on both parts. You can feed your plants as many times a day as you like. Some people do it as much as 8 times a day. It’s not a sales spiel.
I don’t have time for that(no automation here), so I just do it once a day, right when the lights come on. If I have a plant that looks like it could use more, I feed it twice a day. For me, once a day is usually sufficient.

Same here 2 out of the 3 aren’t getting what they need but the other one is just fine. I’m going to look into an auto water set up this week so Off to the hydro store to spend some cash :money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

Just a random “for what it’s worth” thing…
Instead of dumping in the entire daily contents (say for example, a gallon) of nutrients, I put in one quart every 5 minutes until I have runoff. I have no scientific evidence to back this up, but my personal theory is that the plant has had some time to absorb what I poured in and is able to take in more, leading to less early runoff when it’s “too full to eat.”
Again, nothing to back it up - it’s just what I do. I do it with my soil grows as well.

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Welcome to the “what’s up with the white widow” club :joy: . Maybe it’s a white widow thing lol

Did those symptoms ever show up on your second WW grow ? I’m on my third grow with them and like clock work same leaf symptoms @ 3 weeks :man_shrugging:

No, the last one didn’t. Although she did show slight calcium deficiencies later in flower which I’ve never had before.

**Edit: second grow, yes. Same symptoms. Third grow was good just slight calcium deficiency around week 5 flower

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