Salt - [ Sodium (Na) ] & Cannabis

This thread is about actual Sodium Chloride the Mineral, NOT nutrient salts.

I have been unable to find a Cut-Off Value or a guide of how much salt is to much for plants. The reason is I use 1/2 Well Water and 1/2 Reverse Osmosis Water when I water/feed. I do this on recommendation from Jacks - JRP Labs. I don’t think I have had any issues that are visable to me so the recommendation is working. Its’s not that I don’t believe the recommendation because I do. I just want to better understand the situation. I plan on running a plant whole life cycle with 100% well water for future experiment.

JRP Lab Results:

Really anything you know about salt would be welcome or any details you notice from lab report.

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So those test results are from your well water?

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Idk about the numbers but I use 3/4 RO water and 1/4 tap water so the girls get enough sodium and chloride. Heard GreenGene recommend it in a video. It apparently aids the plants in metabolism and synthesis of chlorophyll. It’s not an essential nutrient, but is helpful in low doses.

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Your plants can handle some salt, infact a 1:40 seawater to freshwater can greatly benefit your plants. The problem is seawater salt is much more than just NaCl. And it’s the Trace extras that your plants really want so experiment you never know what will make your plants gangbusters!

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yes from my water well. I also learned that if you are in a drought that the well will read significantly higher in salt content then when you have been having normal rain fall. When i had this test performed it was a bad drought

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i messed up post and wrote to you when it should have been outlaw and now can’t delete post ahh

Yeah my plan is to do a plant 100% of life. i just didn’t want to experiment on my girls that are flowering right now .

man in my gut i feel like it will be ok. what happens anyway with to much salt. do they like get high stomata pressure (dumb attempt to make a joke about plants with high blood pressure)? LOL

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thanks man. yeah i am doing to R/O water but i am just so disappointed in the RO system i got! It is the GE reverse osmosis system

  1. it is so slow
  2. it hasn’t been a month and the red change filter light is blinking

Im gonna have to find that video of GeneGene
So if i can get away from RO it just eliminates such a huge step. got any RO system suggestions?

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That drought info sounds legit.
Makes sense as the water volume drops the salts would be more concentrated.

I guess I had never actually thought about it much, but I went and looked at my water companies report for 2021 and it’s (Na) was in ppb not ppm ot was so low.
I read how it comes from fertilizers runoff and seeing your report reading basically 100ppm just seemed crazy to me.
I had never thought about it really being that much :confused:


When i here “to much salt”, I picture a plant thats nutrient locked due to salt build up from bad watering without good runoff causing salts to literally build up and cack up in the root zone effectively cutting off the flow of water…

But I don’t think this would be a problem with good watering habits.
I believe my concern would be the extra nitrogen createing issues with possible toxicity.

But honestly my freind this is so far above my pay grade, I’d have to try myself and just see what happens :man_shrugging:.

I think, the worst it could be is they gey a little extra N and they turn dark green :thinking:

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You can enter your sodium, calcium and magnesium values into an online calculator and get your SAR value. That will let you know if is safe for agricultural purposes.

Just something to try. Best to you!


I’ve seen people on here recommend RO Buddie. Think it was $65 when I looked it up. Idk which GreenGene video I saw that on. I was researching Jack’s 321 when I saw it so it’s definitely one of his videos dealing with nutrients. Try searching “greengene Jack’s 321”. That’s what popped up when I typed greengene in the search box. Wish I knew exactly which video it was.

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Yea JRP is who told me about the salinity level in droughts. I’m not a 100% on how it works but i believe sea water is what is feeding the aquafer that our well is drilled into. I don’t know if some salt is not getting filtered through the rock or its just a salty region so the residual salt on land from the ocean is why its so high? IDK that could be so wrong hahah.

I live in a farm dense agricultural area, plus there is a dead zone in ocean by me. If you put 2 and 2 together that would explain the high Na?

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  • do you mean water to 10%-20% run off? or more than just that?

Ok that’s pretty interesting! I wasn’t even thinking about the Nitrogen and JRP never said anything about it. They are pretty green but i haven’t seen issues that i know of. I will be doing a test with my water in future . i will have to update this thread with my results.

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Awesome another tool in the belt! Thanks @JaneQP ! I didn’t even find anything like this and i was searching man!

I found a calculator

I am working on how to calculating HCO3 from water report. I found this on brewing beer, but man i will have to study this a bit before i can calculate, been a while since chemistry class haha

I found it thanks for the info buddy!


That would be the carbonate or bicarbonate value. I’d have to do some goggling myself! :rofl:

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Sometimes called alkalinity or phenolphthalein alkalinity but I don’t remember which is which.

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Man im an idiot :person_facepalming:
I thought that reading was nitrogen :sweat_smile:
That is literally just salt …
I was so confused how the heck there was so much nitrogen in your well water.

I was like, "this fertilizer run off is really a serious issue":flushed:

But your source feed by sea water and me taking the time to read a little slower, it all makes more sense to me now lol

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HAHAHA that’s pretty funny bud!
I imagined a movie scene were a dude was was like “PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS ISSUE!!!, we got to do something!” LMAO ‘’

LOL that was a good chuckle

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