Safe to use natural spring water or heck no?

Good evening everyone, I was debating something but wasn’t sure if it was a good idea.
So I have a spring near me that everyone fills water jugs with all the time (I’ve never done it) I’m in the mountains of WV and it is probably decent water. That said I am worried about potentially using it for my plants. Bacteria, fungi, bugs and whatever other potential issues may be associated with using it.
My question is has anyone used outside natural spring waterfor their plants? I’m just curious because currently I’m using Primo jugs I fill up since the water at my house is a no go for my plants. My wife had mentioned it and I was hesitant but figured can’t hurt to ask.


Should be absolutely safe. I learned somewhere that once water passes through 2 feet of soil its considered potable. Deep spring water should not contain any bacteria that a plant would find bad, unless it sets in a pond for a long time. As long as its a running spring I wouldn’t hesitate. Also will have calcium and magnesium already. If you can test the PPMs then you will have a great starting place for feeding later.


Awesome I appreciate it, I can use my tds meter and check it out and see what it has. People constantly are lining up I figured it can’t be that bad but I’m weird with that kind of stuff :joy:


And yea they ran a tube from spring down to side of the road for people to bottle

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I run Lake Erie water thru a paper cone filter and right into the Blumat system…SFSG
Disclaimer…I’m just an old Hippie second time around ‘grower’.

Lost in the Sixties…:peace_symbol:


Modern life has shielded us from having to find water from sources like that. But spring water has long been a prime source for sustaining life.


That’s the truth lol

Awesome thanks for the feedback

You are so lucky to have that. Fresh spring water!

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I’m weird with my water for no real reason or another. I am however going to try this for my plants. Filling up 25 1 gallon jugs at Walmart all the time gets old and expensive :joy:

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I catch rainwater in a barrel but you gotta jug it up before the tadpoles and the mosquitos find it!
I try to fill a bunch of jugs just after a rain when it’s fresh and clean. It’s damn near as clean as distilled or RO if there’s no big fires or anything around to dirty up the air.
I’m in Virginia and we have a few of those type springs you describe around here too.
I’d definitely be filling up there if there was one close to me…I’m in the low foothills.

You can send it to a number of places and have it analyzed and they can tell you exactly what’s in it.
Jacks will do it and tailor a nute regime for using it most effectively for growing weed. I’m not sure how much they charge though.

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I would drink the fresh spring water before Walmart water :joy:


I use spiring water from side the road use it to water with in coco coir and perlite


Should be fine , check the PH you might need to adjust it a little bit. Also use a Conductivity meter to check PPM of the water.

I actually made a water run yesterday. As it turned out the water i use to make shine is phed just right for plants too.


I forget which member it was, but I think Jacks charges $30 0r $40 for a water analysis. Seems reasonable for a Taylor made nute regiment straight from the source.


Yeah - that’s not bad at all

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Maybe not quite the same, but I use well water, and I just add a little less than 1/4 tsp of citric acid to a gallon to bring ph down to 6.5. I’ve never had an issue due to water quality.

My water comes from a well 500ft from the house. I live in the mountains.

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@TeNNWisKeY :sunglasses: :+1: From one shiner to another.