Runtz autoflower run

Hello this is my second ever run I’m running a runtz auto seed in natures living soil. Plant is 20 days old currently. Yesterday on day 19 I accidentally fed the plant some 2-9-4 bloom from dr. Earth. Today after third dark cycle when I turned the light back on I noticed it started growing pistils. So it seems I accidentally started flowing a 20 day old plant. Wondering if it’s gonna completely ruin my harvest or not. First picture is day 19 second is day 20


Autos don’t care about the light cycle. There’s not much you can do with an auto that flowers early. If you want more predictable results, then grow photos going forward. It’s not anything that you did, it’s just the fact that you are growing autos. It’s not uncommon for an auto to flower at 20 days. It has nothing to do with the feeding.

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MIDWEST MY GUY, I appreciate you thank for finding ur way back to answering my questions

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I don’t intend to trash autos. There are legit reasons for growing autos. They are quirky and are not for inexperienced growers. We have some good auto growers here in the forum, but they are experienced. The seed sellers that promote autos are long-term discouraging new growers from continuing to grow because of disappointing results.


Yea honestly without you telling me that I’d prolly quit if this one didn’t come out right ngl thanks

Ive grown 3 autos so far and every one all from different breeders started throwing pistils around day 21 -30. About the same size as yours and I still managed 2-3 oz’s each plant and 1 was 5oz. Just let her ride, she will get bigger.


Thanks for sharing helps a lot

Showing you she’s a lady and coming up on preflower. What medium are you using, amended soils will typically feed the plant for 4-6 weeks with water only. This plant is old enough for run off and would do this on the next round and check the run off PH and PPMs, start feeding nutrients once the run off is 800 or less and feed at 800-1000. Use a drench to drought routine for soil, she’s looking good Growmie…keep up the good work :love_you_gesture:

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Don’t really have any questions everything’s going pretty smooth