Runtz auto grow

Hey everyone! I’m growing Runtz auto as my 3rd grow. My first 2 grows were White widow auto and I only got 3/4 of an ounce per grow so I took a little break. I finally am wanting to start back but I don’t want to make the same mistakes. I stunted my plants before but I have no clue how. So here’s to another grow!


She broke the soil on the 24th. Room temps range from 77-71 from light to dark, Humidity 60-65%, Photone app reads 16-17 DLI, 18-6 light schedule.

I would love some advice from everyone. Does it look leggy ? When should I transplant ? How much to water & when should I water ? Etc

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Tagging y’all because you have helped me on my first 2 grows.

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What do you have for lighting? One plant or 2?

At what age did the stunting occur?

So this grow isn’t stunted I was talking about my other 2 before this that got stunted. This plant just popped up on aug 24th

But I’m using 2 130w lights from Amazon. So 260 True watts. & only 1 plant

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Yes, I understand that. At what age did the plant(s) stunt during that previous grow? My hope is that I can get some information and perhaps prevent it from happening going forward.


Are they full spectrum or blurple LEDs? Who made them?

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I’m not real sure to be honest. Idk much but if I honestly had to guess I think I had too much light and not enough water. I only gave each plant a bottle full every 2 or 3 days.

@Shadesfang they are full spectrum. Made by Fecida

Stunting is most frequently caused by overwatering. This is particularly true for seedlings.

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Fecida does not make lights that are sufficient for flowering cannabis.

Suggest obtaining a light built with Samsung LM301 diodes. Mars Hydro, Spider Farmer, and HLG are all good options. Shoot for 200 watts per plant.

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even if photone app is saying the ppfd and DLI is correct ?

What PPFD are you getting with it? I have never seen a Fecida light that is capable of flowering cannabis.

I have 2 and for my seedling I usually keep around 200-250 until a week or 2 then gradually up to 700-900 during flower. But again idk anything about that stuff so all I know is that’s what the app is telling me.
I also only would feed my flowering plant 500ml of water every 3 days because to me it looked like it was enough. But I’ve only ever got 3/4 an oz and everyone else is getting 4-5 oz off a single plant.

So I know that something I’m doing or my equipment isn’t right. I just gotta figure which it is lol

You can achieve this with a better light. Fecida is a very poor quality light. I’m really surprised that you can get ~800 PPFD from one. I expect that the light is weak in critical spectrum. The results I’ve seen from growers using Fecida lights is very disappointing.

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Here’s a link to threads that discuss Fecida (lack of) performance.


I hate to say it but it sounds like your formula and methods are dialed in and your lights may be the issue. So many routs to go. I went fairly budget friendly with AC Infinity T33 and my first auto grow was darn near half P dry off 2 plants and having a tough time replicating it haha.

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What y’all think about HLG 350 Diablo ??