WW Auto Flower grow

Hi All/Macg/Latewood,
Hoping someone can shed some light on the veg side of WW auto grow.
On my second grow with these,only a couple of plants at a time. Seeds from ILGM.
Curious as to what growth rates I should be gatting in veg stage. First plants grew to about 60/70cm as expected but all of there growth happened after aprox 3 weeks.
Same thing on these, on third week now but plants are still seedlings(10cm), it appears they do not go into a growth stage untill just before flowering begins.
Have tried inside(small tent with hps250 and cfls) and outside, same result.
Light hours seem to make little differnce in first 3 weeks also.
I was well happy with final product, about 1/1.5 oz off each and good smoke. Almost as good as WW fem from the tent.
Is this normal for Auto’s? As said was happy with the end smoke.

After about three weeks, plants have roots. This is when you start seeing growth.

Sp you are seeing this happen consistently. What photo period are you using. We have so many members trying Autos, that I can’t keep up. This info will be good info for those to come. Thanks Glad you like the smoke! :slight_smile:

Hey Latewood,
Tried different light schedule’s inside(from 16 hours up to 24) and outside(aprox 14), doesn’t seem to make much difference in first three weeks either way.
Always had good growth almost straight away with WW femenised. I guess it is the different genetics from the ruderalis, perhaps they take a little longer to root properly.
Anyway happy with the end result, just unusual start compared to non auto.

Goof to know. For Autos; I do recommend a longer photo period, and this is because of growers I repsect telling me that they follow this theory that Autos are designed to endure longer photo periods, than noraml Indica, Sativa seeds.

Having worked with growers here; I find that even autos sometimes require a bit of inducement to flower and finish. you got me Bro. Maybe I will get some autos and find out for myself. :slight_smile: