First time growing Runtz autos

I decide to try some Rutz Autoflower seeds. They seem to grow rapidly after week#2. Today ends week #5. One plant is about 6 inches taller than the others, but they are all begining to take off. The big girl is almost 3 feet. The others are around 28 inches tall.

I used a combination of Happy Frog and Ocean Forest with some additional earthworm casings and additional perlite. We have experienced a lot of rain until this past week which has been dry and sunny. The forecast is for sun for the next 8 days.

I’m going to start introducing the FF trio for bites starting tomorrow. Thus far everyone looks healthy.


Looking very very nice!!! Good job there. Good choice in strains too.

Ps. You likely don’t need to add nutes yet.

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A couple years ago I grew 7 Grand Daddy Purple seeds and ended up with 38 ounces of nice buds. I’ve been smoking that since and giving it away to family and friends. I had a good harvest, but those plants were photoperiod seeds and grew until mid October, and were taller than I could reach.

I decided to go with autos this time in order to not grow into October. I had read that the Runtz autos would be smaller in height, but I am not experiencing that. Possibly when they beging to fill out they will slow down, but right now they appear to be growing faster that the GDP seeds.

My sticking point is the curing process. This time I will be looking to pick a couple of brains for advice here. Last time the buds ended up not very tight or dense. More fluffy than I would have liked. Still potent but looking to do better this grow.

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Yeah. I grow indoors and have some pretty tall plants. I guess you could lst them. If you did that then you would probably need to trellis them too.

For tighter buds I don’t know if you could use something like canna boost or sumo boost. There are some natural pgr in there that would really tighten up the buds. @Bozzzzz

I do have FF Beasty Bloom and Cha Ching on hand for budding plants. So those are similar additives to the ones you mentioned. I’m just going to have to cure these better. Possibly I dried them too much, but I was pretty careful.

I put tomato cages around mine, and work the secondary branches outside the cross members of the cage in order to spread the branches wider. It helps a bit like scrogging. The cages also lend support. Growing outdoors windy days, heavy rainfall, and 70 pound labradors can be a detriment.

Those are some healthy happy plants. Congratulations.

Your soil should carry you 4 to 6 weeks I feel before you should need nutes.

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Those girls are looking mighty fine.