Runoff numbers question

If you are growing 2 plants In a 5 gal container
Should my run off numbers be doubled.

Best to grow one plant per pot. The plants may mature at different rates and you will have 2 root systems competing for water and nutrients.

To answer your question directly, the answer is no. Double doses will cause nute burn. The only option you have is to feed more often or maybe feed a little heavier, but certainly not double.

Feeding more often presents a problem of its own, as cannabis needs wet/dry cycles if in soil. These wet/dry cycles are important for root health.


Your runoff numbers reflect excess dissolved solids (nutrients, minerals etc.) in the water. Depending on the soil or media you use there is a wide range of numbers that can be considered acceptable. When testing a plant with fresh soil (fox farms OF for example) it’s not abnormal to see numbers over 2000ppm. I watch for this number to drop to around 1000ppm so I know when to start feeding them.

I’m not sure what your question was, or the info you were looking for… but here’s a little info on run off numbers that may help.

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It does. Thank you. I am running ff of and hf. Mixed
Using eveyday. 3 part nutrient solution.

Pots With 2 plants are giving off muchh higher readings. But they are all being fed from same reservoir.
Wasnt sure why SINGLE plant in 5 gal plant reads 1700ppm and the ones with 2 are doubled that at 3400.
They all look great. Aside from one being a little darker green than I would think it should be

Use caution watering every day, soils need proper wet/dry cycles for a healthy root system, overwatering is very easy to do. I water my 5gal soil pots once every 5-7 to liberal run off. 3400 seems pretty high even for new soil, using the trio that frequently may result in too much salt in soil causing a whole new list of potential issues. Consider brewing some compost tea to help feed the microbial life in your soil. This is where my biggest advance in growing came from. Learning The way microbes work with your plant is essential for living soil. When you feed your plant with organic fertilizers there is no way for your plants to uptake it, the microbes break down the composition of the fertilizer and convert it to simple compounds at a rate the plants can safely absorb. This makes soil a bit more forgiving than other mediums since it works as a buffer and makes it more difficult to overfeed.
That being said, your plants look good. I’d definitely throw a plain water round in next for the girls whose runoff is 3000+.
Get Growin!

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Agreed. I meant Normal everyday 3 part solution i try not to drop company names on here. But thank your for the valuable info. They are about right though. Excited. To try them out. Interested in weight of the dual plants in one pot.