Can this be right?

I watered my plants today with 3 gallons of distilled water. Mixed in it was fox farm big bloom, fox farm grow big, and cal mag plus. All were just a bit under the maximum recommended for general feeding as I don’t want to over do it. These are being grown in coco with earthworm castings and mushroom compost. I received my TDS meter today and so I am a novice at that. When I checked my water with the nutrients in it was about 850 ppm. When I checked the run off it was around 2500 ppm. Isn’t that too high? I thought it should be lower once it ran through the soil.

Let my add that the 3 gallons was mixed and split among 8 different plants. Not 3 gallons in one pot.

What size pots are those and what soil are they in???

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That would explain the 2500 ppm of the runoff.


So is that ok for it to be that high or should I change something? Don’t want to replant them but I can if need be.

They are in 4 gallon pots. A mix of coco, earthworm castings, and compost.

They are fine