Roots organics acquired by hydrofarms

I just saw that Aurora innovations was acquired by hydrofarms. Since foxfarms(listed as brand under hydrofarms) and roots organics seem to be solid competitors with a lot of people loving happyfrog/ ocean and others loving roots organics original/ lush is anyone else concerned hydrofarms may just screw over the growers? Or am I paranoid that since most of the country is legal and now the monopolization is already running ahead full force.


Seems just like when Starbucks bought competitor Seattles best coffee ages ago. Their local competitor. Kept the name and the stores, and all the money of the people whom wanted to stick it to Starbucks.

I bet it will be fine quality, they don’t want their new investment loosing them money.

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I’m using FOX FARM for my hydroponics. I have the same opinion and agree with your concerns. Stay cool, this CLOUDZ 4 U. :dash: