Roots organic uprising line

For my next grow i have gotten my hands on the roots organics player pack, included with the purchase was the uprising line (foundation, grow, and bloom) also i have the roots organic original soil. my question is how do i use the uprising line ( top dress, pre ammend, ?) would these be the only ammendments that would be needed for an entire grow ( wanting to veg 4-6 weeks). when would i add the foundation and grow, and would i still need to supplement while using the uprising line? also i still am unsure if i can use tap water for their nutes, or is it meant to be used with r/o ? any help to a clearer understanding will be greatly appreciated.

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I’m wondering the same thing.

Friend I got this straight from the horses mouth, 2tsp of grow/bloom and 1tsp of foundation. I used “Mother Earth groundswell “ as my base soil really like it for a bag soil, I mixed 13 cups of groundswell with 3 cups of quality ewc ( I used “Brut” ewc have not yet made move on my own wirm bin, yet !

I’ve been using Roots Organic Original and Jacks 321 for 4 grows now and havent felt the need for anything else. Results have been steller!