Roots in water and plant not drinking as much

Hi everyone,

Last couple of weeks I’ve noticed there are alot of root pieces in my bucket of a plant that is in flower. It’s a dwc bubbler system. The plant is not drinking as much and the PH isnt dropping daily like before. Is this normal? There is new root growth coming out of the basket and i just noticed a few trichomes turning brown. Time to flush as well?

I’m positive that they will ask you.

Strain, ph, ppm, date of plant , start of flower and for photos

@NewGrowN00b…roots falling apart means something IS wrong.
without informative description and crisp clear pics…we can’t give you informed responses. suggest you fill out a grow ticket. suggest you dump current solution and sterilize the system. DWC makes it easy to get rid of problem solution and start clean.
If you see gloopy goo all over the roots…algae is choking the roots.
Hydroguard works well to control algae. :cowboy_hat_face::v:

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Its odd roots are not slimy they just have little pieces all in the water. There are new healthy roots coming out of the net. I cleaned the roots off and washed the buckets with 3% H20 and gave it new nutes added voodoo juice. I also trimmed it up a bit. Fingers crossed.

Tangarine dream autos
Ppm 2000
Ph 5.5
I think they are 5-6 weeks in flower
Dwc bubbler system

2000 is a healthy dose! Do the roots ever sit in water for extended periods? I had one do it because it’s roots went down the drain tube on my ebb and flow.

They are always in the water. I refill every other and change the water once a week.

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Lower your tds to about 12-1400. Ph 5.8 check it often and correct it as needed. Armor si might help you