Root disk question?

I have 4 autopots with plants being watered from top until root systems grow enough to stop top feed and place into autopot trays. When I built up my pots I placed the square mat inside the pot, gold side up. I then placed the air dome on top of that with enough of a perlite layer to nearly cover the air dome. Then I finish filled the pots with coco. My question is, since I placed the mats in with the gold side up, am I screwed and need to rework the pots turning the gold mat over so it’s face down or should I be good to go since I have the layer of perlite in the bottom?

In my extremely limited research on autopots, i think the most important part is that copper disk is facing down. Copper will stop roots from growing, so the disk stops the roots from clogging up the valve. If that valve is blocked, they will overflow.

Copper up, the small electrical charge cause a root prune.

Same reason slugs wont cross it in the garden, electrocution. Chew on some foil, that explain it.


thanks! i was thinkin after the fact I asked the question, the pot sock that came with the pots has the copper facing the roots. After further research, the copper behaves like a fabric or air prune pot. So I am also thinkin I probably inadvertently put it in the correct way to begin with. Copper side up.


I use the spring pot system with the pot sock. However, my first unit was a 1pot XL. The first instruction in the pamphlet that came with the system is

Place circular root control disc gold face down in pot

Does it really make a difference - no clue .

The most experienced autopot people I know are @Nicky @Myfriendis410
They may know if it is critically important to have gold face down in the pot. Thanks

It’s a copper coating IIRC which inhibits root growth.

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Probably not. If its woven, but as @Myfriendis410 if its sprayed, certainly.

In medical facilities, I often spec a copper infused contact surfaces due to the antimicrobial benefits.

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Copper side in, I’ve never replaced mine in over 2 years and they still work.