Rookie grower... Nutrient burn?

Hi. I have a few great plants going and doing well, but one especially has leaf “burn” that started just as discolored tips and then seems to be getting worse. I ran water through it today and measured the run off water and it was about 1900ppm. I ran balanced water through it until maybe a few quarts, until it got around 1000, but the PH was around 5.5 or so in the run off. So… whatever the consensus is I have 3 other identical plants to treat and dont want to be in too big of a hurry. I fed them CalMag 2ml per gallon every feeding and recently added MaxiBloom. (the tips were turning before the MB) … PPFD has been about 1000 or less for weeks. Im growing in a 3 gallon, 50/50 mix of Happy Frog and Ocean Forest, the strain is Diesel and the light is SP3000.


No worries on the burnt leaf tips, more than likely occurred during germ in the medium you’re using. That PH is low, what was you water PH when you you’re flushing it to get the TDS down? I would continue to feed at 900-1000 PPMS with a PH of 6.8. If you have some dolomite lime that will help raise and stabilize your PH.


Listen to OG above he is right on. Aslo if want you can cut off the bad looking leaves, not doing any good, let a little more light in. But doing goo, keep it up


Am I correct in calculating the ppm plus the potable water from the house? its pretty cool at about 180 to 210 or 220 usually. That should make up part of the final TDS right? To answer you I was pouring it in at about 6.1 to 6.4 PH. Thanks for the help, these buds are stacking so Im nervous. Also I have two others the same age that are showing the same signs this one was a week ago. It always seemed a week or two ahead of the other two. Just wait and see?

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Maybe begin to taper back whatever nutrient your using with Nitrogen in it. Dont cut it completely but in half or so.

What all are u mixing? Also be aware most calmag’s are derived from Calcium Nitrate… which itself is basically nitrogen


And I wouldn’t remove those leaves, they are not damaged enough. Also,sort of looks like some wind burn… fans blowing directly on them?