Ro buddie pressure

Just installed ro buddie. Letting it run for 30 min before I install resin cartridge. Why is pressure so damn low

You get about one gallon filtered to two gallons of waste. There’s a lot going on. The low pressure is normal. Mine takes about a half hour or so to fill a gallon jug.


I have the waste still plugged up. I installed it under my sink. So the waste continues to run regardless. So I put the plug back in. Took me 17 minutes to fill a gallon. I don’t get the purpose of the waste line @elheffe702

I did the same, and just shut off the supply to it when it’s not in use, and I connected the waste line directly to the sink drain.

What’s the purpose of the waste line? To relieve pressure? And I think it’s BS that it’s rated at 100 gpm but it’s not even close

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I think that’s 100 gallons per day, not per minute.

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High pressure water is supplied to one side of a semi-permeable membrane: one that will only pass H2O without the salts attached. There is a pre filter and a sediment filter and a chlorine filter. None of those require a waste line but the central cartridge-the membrane- has to have it’s surface bathed in liquid to carry off the excess otherwise the membrane will slow down. That waste line has about double the salts of your tap water.


@elheffe702 yea didn’t mean minute. Ment hour. Could of swore it’s 100 gmh I’ll have to re check

@elheffe702 your right it is gallons per day. I might buy the boost pump they sell

I don’t think it’d be worth the boost you’ll get. It can only produce so much at a time. If you want more pressure, you’d have to get a bigger unit, possibly a reservoir.

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@elheffe702 what are you doing with the waste water? Do you feed it to your plants?

No, that’s all the bad stuff you took out…don’t want to give them that, or you might as well use tap water. It just goes down the drain, unfortunately. I’m sure there’s some other creative use for it though.

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That’s per day, not minute.