RO "waste water"?

I recently purchased the RO Buddie mainly for my humidifiers. The waste water ppm is at 350, the same as it is coming out of my tap. Is the RO waste water safe to water plants with? I’ve been watering with tap water thus far.

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My waste water is at 620/ppm
My tap is 420/ppm
I wouldn’t use the waste.
But I’m thinking about mixing half R/O and half tap water. I’m wasting too much water.

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@Sincitytoker Yea I’m realizing how much waste just after running 2 gallons of RO


For every 5 gallons I make I have 10 gallons of waste.
I think come this weekend I’m going to start mixing 50/50.

No do not reuse run off water. It will thro your hole nutrient mixture off. I was told it’s one of the worst things to do. Was doing it at first as well and got lots of issues. Just dump the old water. I dump it in my outside garden. At least it gets used.

@FullyMedicated, He’s talking about the reverse osmosis waste water when you produce RO water.

@CooterJuice that’s strange that your waste ppm is the same as straight out of your tap


The only reason I haven’t purchased an ro system.

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I have been doing a 50/50 for my current grow and its much better. Imo

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I was thinking the same thing.
My waste is at 620/ppm
My tap is 410/ppm.

I’ll check my tds again when I run it next time. RO water didn’t read anything on my truncheon. Doesn’t light up below 100 ppm. And ty all for the replies. Just wasn’t sure if I could use the waste water

If you have an outdoor garden you can mix the waste water with the same amount of tap water and use it to water outdoor plants. But if it’s truly only 350 ppm then you wouldn’t need to dilute it. You can just poor it on as is.

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