How important is ro water

how important is ro water? in hydro/or in soil?
my tap water is hard water that has an avg lately .7-.8 ec so far nobody in this country wants to give a water report everyone sends you to someone else and nobody gives any ans that raises my suspicion a bit…
however there are someother factors involved like
#1 the fact that for hydro i already bought a fresh bottle of gh micro for hard water and
#2 i already have a filter for drinking water i assume its ro it has 3 canasters linked to each other but i heard that an ro filter for human drinking adds something for the taste that is detrimental to plants is that true or do i have a good filter for plants too or do i need to buy a whole nother unit or do i stick w/tap?

RO water is important to use. because it is as close to pure as you can get; Unless you want to haul in 100’s of gallons of water.

The reason RO water is so important to use for your hydroponic grow is that; You know exactly what is in your nutrient solution. No more; No less. PH your RO water, and add nutrients to the strength that you prefer.

is it ok to use the ro filters used for human drinking?

Your messin’ with me; Right?

You and the plant are the same. You both take up the same minerals or nutrients. Look at your nutrient bottle ingredients. Now; Look at your multi vitamin.

I’m Sorry. Of course it is what you should buy. If it is good for human consumption; Then it is OK for the plant.

ha ha lol
will my hg flora micro still be good for use in ro water or not ya know the 1 i got is made for hard water?
and if i have that micro should i only be using haRD WATER the tap that i got?

Not detrimental, but yes some R/O systems put minerals, mostly calcium, back into the water for flavor and health. These systems are designed to make the drinking water alkali. This will raise the ppm and ph of the water. R/O systems like this may make your ph 8.0 - 9.0 and ppm of about 60-150ppm. That may be just fine to use with products designed for hard water. However you may be thinking of “softened water” and this may contain excessive amounts of sodium in it, and that will not be good for your plants.

howd i find what if its “softened water”

Water softeners routinely need to be refilled with salt pellets and often are on the waterline first, before it goes to the rest of the house and then the drinking water, say under the kitchen sink has the r/o filter on it. If you are getting your water from this part, you’ll be fine. The r/o filters out the sodium as well. You just wouldn’t want to use water from the other non filtered taps in the house.

what ec should that water coming out of that filter be?

Wouldn’t know. If it is a good r/o unit that does not put minerals back in the water then you should get a reading like distilled water. EC 0.0/ppm 0.0 and ph of 7.0. If it does add minerals and your r/o is a remineralizing alkali system, then who knows, it could be ph of anywhere from 7.5 - 9.0. And you ppm maybe as high as 150ish but who knows how low, depends on what the system is designed to do and what and how many minerals it is supposed to put back in the water. Only way to know for sure is to check the r/o’s owner’s manual and or test the out-coming water yourself.

i tested it its not much diff than the tap but i havent changed the filter yet the yr is just about up

now when the tap water is .7 so its the same but when the tap water 1 day was 1. something -so the filter was still a .7 and the ph always seems just about the same so far when ive checked

if i do have a system that puts the minerals back in so then how does that help us grow and why would that ro water be any better?

the filter guys coming in a few minutes to change the filters is there something specific i should ask for the plants?
i found a canister on the ro filter for removing taste and odor from the water is that ok for the plants too?

he said when filters r good it should be 200-220 ppm

sorry he just told me its not ro its called a 5 part system there were softeners i told him to take it out those softener pellets he claims just trap the calcium i told him well take the calcium i assume its good for the plants too
hes still here if theres anything else

the ec levels so far are just as high he says it should go down in a weak or so but also said that it removes the bad stuff and puts back good healthy minerals in the water with new minerals than it had before well in short my filtered water has a higher ec level than my tap but there r no cantaminants in filtered water like there is in tap is he jiving me well i dont think so but cant prove it
he said its a 5-10 micron filter a reverse osmosis is .1 micron filter

ok well thats the whole story on the water what about the plants now what water should i use for now the tap or the filtered?
do i need an r/o unit special for growing hydro or no?

he also said this filter doesnt get out flouride thats it thats the tko i looked up the effects of flouride on plants and man theres no question this filter is not enough i need r/o filter quick that stuff is realy bad for humans too the water bill says theres flouride in the water at .7-1.7 mg per liter that sounds like a lot 2 me
if i get real r/o machine can i still use the gh micro for hard water or i need a new one? or does the micro hard water take care of flouride?

Sounds like you got more research to do. I’m not an expert on water purification systems but I do know that an r/o filters’ degree of cleaning power has a lot to do with flow and pressure rates as well as the micron level of filtration and or later stage carbon and or deionization filtration. As far as continuing to use GH Micro for Hard Water, you need to know how it is different from regular GH Micro. If the only difference is that it contains less calcium, as this is mostly what makes hard water hard, then you might be able to get away with using it in 0.0 ppm water by just adding a calcium supplement like GH CaliMagic or Botanicare CalMag+. If your new r/o system puts lots of calcium and magnesium back into the water after it cleaned chlorine salts, lead and other heavy metals out, then it is dropping the TDS/PPM and then adding the ppm back up but with healthier dissolved solids and so your EC could very well be higher than the tap water was. Also the thing that puts good minerals back in the water might have to go through a “break in” period, and maybe at first it puts out a whole lot more dissolved solids than it will after it stabilizes. All these things will wear out and will need to be routinely replaced to keep the quality of water high.

You are OK. Good deal.

You are OK. Good deal.
lw on what ? with what ive got or with getting a r/o filter or having to add more cal back into the water w/micro hw?