Rinsing w/ ff sledghammer

When rinsing plant using ff sledghammer do you still need 3x the amount of water go through? And if so do you mix in ff. Ff isn’t clear also do I need to add nutrients right after rinse or not? Ty

I only used one gallon of sledge hammer with 2 gallons of water to a 3 gallon pot ?


Bushdoctor Sledgehammer is a unique rinse formula designed to remove
excess fertilizer buildup and encourage water movement through soil and
soilless mediums. Sledgehammer helps release surface tension in the soil
which will allow optimal absorption of moisture and nutrition through
the plant’s root system. Derived from Saponin, an extract from Yucca,
Sledgehammer is Organic and Natural and can be used both hydroponic and
soil applications. For optimal results, follow the FoxFarm feeding

Read the directions. :slight_smile:


Thank you Yoshi and other dude just keep your stupid comments to yourself. If your asking about how to use it, I personally would assume you have the product or have read about it. Where at, in what you copied and pasted does it get specific. NO WHERE. ALSO REMEMBER NO QUESTION IS A STUPID QUESTION, it may not help you (so just skip) but may help someone else. But thank you both for your input.


No where does it get specific. How are the ppm to pot size figured, bottle states you can use 1-2 time a we mixed w regular feeding so do you also water rinse 3-4 times container site like normal or is this little flush sufficient. I didn’t find any of this info online, in product pamphlet, nor did I see it on bottle. So I simply asked if anyone else had used and how they used it and what the out come was. Just like you’d do if you didn’t know. Good luck in life with that kind of attitude.


@Boosie21 I might have explained it properly is why Latewood by the way , is the forum head grounds me , who in fact actually work for Robert , myself is just a member , by no means I’m really the small guy here actually , but I might have not explained the answer to your question properly about sledgehammer and how to properly flush your plants correctly , so Latewood was just doing his job by explaining a more science method of how you should flush using fox farm sledgehammer . But yes follower the bottled instructions as required , and used 3X your pot size in gallons of water to flush properly . But either me or Latewood comments or responds was by any way meant in a milisicious manner at sir , apologies and happy growing !!!


No one here talked down to you. You best watch your manners. If you cannot be a friendly member of this community; You will not be welcome

The information you asked for is on the bottle. I found it in 2 minutes.

Gardens: Mix 2 tsp per gallon of fresh water every 3-4 weeks until harvest.

Hydroponics: Use 2 drops for every gallon of fresh
water during weekly feeding and reservoir changes. For flushes mix 1/2
tsp per gallon of reservoir water.

Flush every two weeks for one hour.
Ingredients: Saponin (an extract of the yucca plant)…

I am sorry but, I copied and pasted this from Foxfarm too :sunglasses: Cannot expect all of us to actually use the 100’s of products being spewed onto the grow community these days.



It has nothing to do with container size if using a flush agent. Follow the directions.

You only flush with 3-4 times the capacity when using pure PH’d water :slight_smile:


The label: For all who are interested:

For soil

For Hydro:

I sincerely hope that anyone who needs info on this product can read and understand this new product. Good Luck and Happy growing.


THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR RESPONSES. No bad feelings here. Just thought at first he was trying to be rude and I did read bottle and I do understand how to use the product but I’ve also read on this site to flush with 3x the container size. That’s a lot of sledgehaMeer. Then again maybe I’m looking at it wrong. Is it when you use sledgehammer you only need to run a gal through the plant to achieve what the normal rinse does… and again I do really appreciate everyone’s feedback have a good eve everyone.

There are 2 ways the term FLUSH is being used.

1) Lets call the 1st one a full container flush = 3 x pot size with only
PH’d water.

2) The other way this term is used would be using the sledgehaMeer
and that would be done using your typical water amount with the
sledgehaMeer added.

Same Term used for 2 different types of flush

Hope that helps


Awesome. Thank you. Sometimes I just need a pic drawing. Lol. Yall are great on here. Couldn’t do it was out you

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Two gallons of ph water first than one full gallon of the sledgehammer mix and that should do it for you .


Your the best. Ty very much my fine sir.

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Did it work ?

Went looking for answers on this exact question as I’m gonna do a final flush tonight…first time sledge user and worried my Healthy plants will suffer before harvest due to using it… but I heard and seen good and bad results…read this thread only to see …no answer how it turned out…
Oh well… gonna give it my best shot

@Teacherttom1 how did it go lol

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Well, followed @fnd suggestions and it went with NO problems, I used 3 gals,1 with the sledgehammer and 2 reg with PH6.5 I followed the bottle amounts …day later I flushed with 3 more. Got down to 3.3ph and around 845 tds, left it for a day and did a partial harvest on the chocolpoe and Bubba Kush,165gr wet/112gr trim for hash. Feed starts back up today till they all go amber on the trics, bout 10/15 days… then I’ll do it one more time and then the final harvest… some just needed more time for the effect I need. Thanks for asking!


Did u flush before flipping to flower

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