Rightbud.com is having a black friday sale!

They selling lots of HLG lights way cheaper than HLG! I called HLG and this is one of their retailers. They are at nearly cost on some lights. HLG allowed them to sell at these prices temporarily. I personally talked to both. These are not old stock. Or damaged. I bought 4 260 watt. Hope this helps someone!


Nice find!

Link may not be authorized. Probably wise to remove it and type rightbhd dotcom

But solid find :+1:t5:


Ok thanks. Removed link. Learning as I go. :wink:

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No problem my friend. And again great find. I lookd myself. If i had the funds, id dive on a few of those r specs. But for future reference. Only amazon links or educational ones. O and youtube. We all love the tube


Wow. Some of those are almost too good to be true.