Anyone here ever use Alibaba

So I know hlg is the way to go. But there inventory seems low , I have been looking at the refurbished lights but most sold out or 240 volt. I guess I could run 220 but not really what I want to do. Also not legal in my state so trying to keep costs down in case well I would not rather say. Anyway alibaba I can get (unless counterfeit) two spider farm samsung301h boards meanwell driver 240watt for about 350 to my door. For maybe 50 more 360watt. But another big butt I will still feel guilty for buying Chinese but Samsung is Chinese anyway! Thoughts!

@Nicky uses lights from there with great results. . Maybe he can point you in the right direction.

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Thanks I have some time not to rush it

I recommend kingbrites. Many use mejiu but they are more pricey and more rude

Cool thanks

@Nicky, so you do shop alibaba correct, and you actually get the correct items shipped? What state/country you live in?

Actually Samsung is Korean.
South Korean to be exact.

Alibaba is hit and miss. You can’t send anything back and are stucj
if something goes wonky,

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Wow ok I get it, just wish hlg would step up production. They have some good deals, just sold out of most affordable Lights.

Yeah, as more and more states become legal, equipment gets harder and harder to find. Especially from the quality vendors. I remember a time when ac infinity was having trouble keeping up.

I will have to watch the hlg site and just as soon as they are available order one.

There are other official retailers that sell them. Like ledgrowlightsdepot, growerslights, etc. I have ordered from growers lights and similar delivery time as hlg. These sites tend to have them in stock because it’s likely HLG fills their retailers orders first.

I have been looking

Which HLG light are you looking for? The HLG 260w rspecs are in stock, use discount code “dude” for 10% off.

550 economy refurbished,kind of Specific . Was thinking if I got lights off Alibaba for cheap I can get two and make it more versatile. I will just have to wait that’s all

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