Lighting question worth the value

@dbrn32 hey bro i know you are the light guru on this forum and we cant provide links to certain sights but i just read a post on another forum that has quantum boards using top bin 288 chips but they were about half the price of HLG from alibaba could you check them out or send me a private message and i will link it to you directly so you can tell me what you think Many thanks my man :slight_smile:

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No need. There is a big market for knock off boards without a doubt. You just have to be careful using reputable vendor. You can get to just about all of them through alibaba if you’re interested.

Double check obvious stuff if you go that route. Cost after shipping, warranty period, and warranty claim process. If you find something you like, do a web search on that supplier and their product before ordering. Sone of them have very good products, others have been caught using epistar or other counterfeit leds.

Thanks that is why i asked you my friend lol. I knew i get a straight answer from you. I was looking at a 240w that is like 165-175 i paid 150 for my 100 so for 25 more i can get a nice upgrade Thanks for the quick response

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That hlg-100 kit is nice, but priced accordingly. It uses owa-90 driver which i got for $40 shipped and its a $30 board shipped. The hangers are about $1 each. Buying in large quantity, I’d be surprised if they have more than $50 into them.

I had purchased 24 120 knock offs. They were distributed among another group, a few of which are active members here. Of the 12 i know are in use, everyone seems to be happy with them so far. Other than that, all i can add is that the higher quantity brought shipping price per board down considerably. If i was goimg to order 4 of those the price wasn’t enough savings to justify giving up service from hlg.

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