Cheap quantum boards on Amazon?

I had to order one of these to check it out.

i like the standoffs for the driver too

It looks a lot like the Samsung boards HLG has

That’s a mean well driver. So it might be decent. Looks like the hlg 65 v2 4000k I have.

My concern would be lack of a heat sink.

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The hlg 65 and 100 dont have heatsinks. More power and you need them though.

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I didnt look at the specs. Is the 672 the number of LEDs?

Might need to get a heatsink…

Do you think it’s a concern with the 150 watt driver? I dunno if you could see the standoffs to mount the driver

Yes i think thats what they listed, 672 off-brand LEDs? I didn’t count them on the board

This is like the one i got, im happy with it.

Any advice on adding heat syncs? Just space them out and solder to the back plate?

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So that looks like 2 of these boards with the black aluminum powdercoated heat sync shell

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Slightly smaller boards but its basically the same thing.

How would you compare this light to the HLG 135 rspec ? Basically the same price.

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Well, it has 195 more watts lol, the quality is good. Mine uses Samsung diodes and a meanwell driver, I would say the efficiency is slightly lower than what the hlgs are but you are getting more bang for your buck imo.

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That HLG 135 looks very close and they give you the heat sync


Is it two boards or one? Or is the video just showing that can be daisy chained ?

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There is a certain value In being able to contact HLG after purchasing not so sure on the other…China is a long distance phone call and they are not known for customer service…Just saying.


2 boards.

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