Quantum Boards?

I’m investing in the hardware for my first grow and before I spend 500$ on a quantum board I want to know if anyone can suggest anything else?
Looking at the spyder farmer SF4000
I wanted to go LED for a couple of reasons mainly because I don’t want the big reflective panel in my tent, and because LEDs don’t get hot and they give off a really bright light. I’ve heard good things about quantum boards and it comes with a 3-year warranty. any suggestions? this is my first time growing cannabis on my own. coming from Canada!
Thanks, everyone :slight_smile:

I’m not experienced first hand with the sf4000. For $589 it better be impressive.

Hlg has the HLG 550 V2 ECO for about $650. About the same coverage as the sf4000, but I know that hlg qb’s are proven and work horses.

There are also diy options if you’re inclined…



You have some Canadian light manufacturers that make pretty good stuff. BC blondes, one or two more as well, but I haven’t kept up with them enough to remember. Sorry!

I don’t feel you’re getting same performance level light with sf as the hlg products. They will definitely grow weed though.

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Are you suggesting hlg is better value?

I don’t know if it’s a better value, but I feel like there is more confidence you’re getting best chips available. with all of thc knock offs all you can be really sure of is that you’re getting something cheaper. Hlg has/got their reputation because they use best available stuff. So you either want that and willing to pay extra couple bucks for it, or you can save a little buying something that looks like hlg light.


Ive never heard of hlg.
Ive read lots of reviews on these led’s and it was a ahop that actually reccomended them. Im just skeptical cause theyre 520$ directly from some city in china.
50000hrs + 3 year warranty full spectrum

I have 2 HLG V550 and the are efficient and grow with great results


What about LED’s?

I have the hlg 550 rspec and love it


Most leds are good, but these are the evolution of those lights. Pure sun brightness :sun_with_face: and dimmable. I was use hps and cut my bill and the heat output.

HLG licenses other companies to manufacture the light. But they are restricted to sell it at his cost price no lower. I paid $600 @ one v2 and one r spec !

I have 2 600h HLG qbs with rspec and 3 260xl - two are rspec and one is the old diodes - 301b something like that? I don’t remember.

Their cool to run which is awesome - very efficient - my electric bill only went up maybe 30$ a month for the 3 260xl I can definitely live with that


I went LED got a sf4000 for half the price of what theyre selling on amazon for. Ill post some photos of my results when theyre in.


is that your air pump suspending in air?
i wanted to do something like because im upstairs and its vibrates quite a bit, but i wasnt sure if it would effect performance.


I got a SF4000 very impressed

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Yes i know the vibration is annoying and loud. I used a bungee cord and it is much better. also easier routing the air lines!


definitely going to have to do something similar, right now i have my pump on some foam thats used for audio monitors to reduce the vibrations from the bass.

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this is going to be my first grow with a DWC 5 gallon bucket with air discs. im using 10 inch net pots. going to fill the res about half way. I still need a inline fan and carbon filter. Im planning to get the ac infinity cloudline t4 w. A 4 inch carbon filter. the fan and filter is going to be attached to the top of the tent most likely. my air pump is in a plastic box under my reservoirs. I drilled 2 holes. 1 to run the tubes to the air stones and 1 for the plug in that connects to an extension cord hanging from the top of my tent. im going to fill the res about half way and keep adding weekly and top feeding aswell.


You may want to look at kingbrite or Meiju on alibaba. From what I’ve read they are great lights. They have the same diodes as the hlg.

I just ordered 5 240w lights and it was about $750 shipped.

I already got lights i’m waiting on the air pump and still need to purchase a inline fan filter and humidity dome. i’m interested in getting the ingredients to make my own nutrients but that wont be anytime soon. im getting my seeds from cropking most likely. I went led for a reason. I wasn’t interested in any of the other light panels.

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