Right size Auto Pot

I am looking at some “dwarf” plants,. Exactly what constitutes this I don’t know. So lets say under 1m / 3 feet.

Should I use the 8.5L or 15L Auto Pot?


I would say the 15L/3.9G pots imho.
Though the 8.5L/2.2G pots would work just fine I believe, if you not trying to grow huge plant’s I don’t think it be a big difference, some* but not a huge difference.

The larger size would be more convenient if you ever wanted to add air domes to them simply because of the extra room…

One thing to keep in mind is, you can use any pot or grow bag you want in the autopot trays.
Basically anything that will fit in the tray and it dosen’t have to be a perfect fit, a buddy of mine uses different sized grow bags and alot of times they are bigger then the tray but as long as it reaches down into the waterline, it will soak it up :grin:


I have the XL tray system. I normally use autopot’s 5 gallon fabric spring pot in it. This time, because I like to change things up, I used a 3 gallon Rain Science pot instead.
I have not followed all the new systems Autopot is introducing. It looks like pick your flavor. I would choose a larger base and downside pots as you find appropriate.


Thanks for the responses. I have decided to go with the 15L for now and see how it works out.
I will be using air domes.
I am going with the the 4-pot set with individual bases. I’m only wanting a small grow for personal use so this makes the most sense.

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If you haven’t ordered yet…… forget the AirDomes, they have an AirBase now.

The plastic riser fits inside the pot and eliminates the need for AirDomes which can be a pain in the butt with the extra tubing, additional outlet, timers and retrieval of the AirDome after the grow is over, I’ve managed to ruin a couple picking them out of the roots. The Airbase falls off easily, is extremely durable and will never need to be replaced after the grow is over.

Thanks for the suggestion @CMichGrower

I have a couple of the bases here and the air domes are designed to fit into these.

I’ve used the airbases with and without AirDomes and the AirDomes don’t help.

I’m having the same issue. Same seeds. Same germination. Same soil. Same lighting. Same NPK 3-1-2 fertilizer. Same watering cycle. Only difference are plastic vs cloth pot.

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