Right on time and healthy but

I am growing ten White Widow autos and just want to verify I am okay and on schedule.

I have a dedicated room with plenty of light and ventilation. I am using 10 gal cloth grow pots filled with Fox Farm potting soil mixed with the Super Soil. I reuse the super soil mix and top off with new dirt and a fresh dose of super soil. I water with tap water which comes from the ground untreated at 6.8 ph.

Started flowering in 30 days and everything looks good but, the leaves are turning yellow slowly from the middle of the leaf outward. It has been mostly the lower bigger fan leaves. It looks like, and I call it, sucking the green out of the leaves. It looks normal to me but I am well into flower now and want to make sure I should not add anything given I am using strong super soil. I did some Gold Leaf that turned yellow as it matured. Thanks for reading.

Pretty good description; the plant is using the nitrogen in the leaf before releasing it. Lower fan leaves will do that and you can remove when they’ve loosened up on the plant.

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That’s the way I do it… just pop them off when they are ready… Thanks. Any advise on autos as far as harvest time? I have tried looking for the amber but it always seems like it is way longer than it should be, by several weeks. Some things I have read say ten weeks and cut with autos.


Trichomes sometimes don’t amber. No idea why. I suggest doing a ‘whole plant’ approach: look at trichomes, the overall look of the flower and finally overall look of the plant. Certain things show up in a fully mature plant if you know what to look at. (It’s not hard)

Flowering time is a suggestion only; the plant will do what it wants to do. One of the better auto growers is @Not2SureYet if he’s around.


Don’t feel bad if you don’t get amber every time. I have done a lot of plants and have never got amber. They do turn a real dark grey/purple color. And I can them good there. @Myfriendis410 is my official tester since I don’t smoke. The only thing he tells me is to try flushing them :laughing: I did on these last 3. So lets see if it makes him happier :grin: