Revised water ph problems

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Got my new meter and test supplies this morning. My old meter was inaccurate…just measured my remaining nute solution which measured 6.52 on my old meter is 5.42 on the new meter…so that in itself is huge as all readings have been wrong for who knows how long…the small plant on left is bubble gum… larger plant Gelato…

• What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed
Bubble gum, Gelato

• Method: Soil

• Vessels: 5 gal Fabric potsPots,

• PH of Water 6.5 going in 660 ppm, Solution General Hydroponics Calimagic’ flora micro, flora grow, Flora bloom. Recently added 2 tblspns top dress of gypsum and earthworm castings

runoff ‐ last night Bubble gum 940, Gelato 1360

• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable…660

• Indoor or Outdoor : Indoor

• Light system : 2 x hlg qb288 xl rspec

• Temps; Day, Night 78-80, 65

• Humidity; Day, Night’ 50‐ 60,

• Ventilation system; Yes, cloudline ac infinity

• AC-No, Humidifier‐yes, De-humidifier‐No

• Co2; No


A good meter ,You Do not need to calibrate every week. But it is a good practice to have a clean bottle of 7 solution to just verify your meter before using it every week. Good to see you’re getting back on track.


They’re a very light green🤔

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Probably a combo of wrong ph being fed due to faulty meter readings ( I replaced it) and nute burn on the Gelato…which is showing up today with some red /purple on some leaves…next watering I plan on doing a 7.5 gallons of RO water flush…read that 5 gal fabric pots volume hold 2.5 gallons of water so going 3 times that amount would be 7.5…if there is a flaw in that method…please advise

I do this: every week I dunk the probe as a reference.

@sandrums, if that pic is in natural light you are going to need to up your N, IMO. What week GH schedule are you following? (this could be residual from a bad meter causing a lockout)

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Those pics are in my tent under my white LEDs… the natural light has been referred to…please define that a little more specifically…does that just mean non artificial …a sunny room out of the tent…or room with no direct sunlight but bright enough to not need lights or flash

Set the plant outside the tent and take a picture Considered natural light. As mentioned @Myfriendis410 The original picture your plants look real light green or yellowish Which would be a sign of low nitrogen.

White light is fine. I wanted to make sure you weren’t under HPS and we were seeing the yellow color. Plus my 3,000k lights show yellow too.

So I would bump the N up a bit. What week are you using on the GH schedule? And what is your TDS when you do?

I just started using the schedule 2 weeks ago. I was originally using side of bottle instructions which is double the schedule.I took a look at the GH flora drain to waste schedule and saw according to schedule I should already be done. Based on that schedule I’m now using was WEEK3 660 tds going in. 1 tsp flora micro and flora grow and 1/2 tsp calimagic and florabloom/ per gal of R.O. water.
Can I ask your advice on where I should be on this schedule going forward for this grow ?1586978503371729446820647705434|375x500

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Late veg: if you look at the feedchart do what I do:

In 1 gallon of water (or multiple)
2 parts Micro, 2 parts Gro and 1 part Bloom—I use a pipette and pull, say, 2 pipettes of M, 2 pipettes of G and 1 pipette of B. That’s all mixed in to that 1 gallon of water and the TDS is measured. For example it reads 850 ppm. Add 1/2 cup of water, mix in and recheck: now it’s 730ppm: perfect. You want to be at a peak of around 750 ppm in veg. PH to your media and serve.

Next watering, in 1 gallon of water add 1 pipette of cal mag for a TDS under about 500 ppm: ideal would be 350ppm or so. PH to your media and serve. Alternate with the mix above and this.

You do have the start of some magnesium def so might run a bit high for water only days with cal mag.

Plant looks nice and bushy but needs some serious defoliating to prevent mold growth. Try to remove only enough leaves to provide airflow to the interior of the plant. Later, in flower, you’ll be stripping all of the fans.

Next time you feed, do a runoff measurement just to see what solids in solution are coming out the bottom. May as well grab a PH measurement too.

Regarding the water with cal mag only…I have a batch ready 2.5ml gal per chart…I use R.O water…the ppm on that is only measuring 0095… as a reference I did a tds on my R.O. water plain with nothing added that number is 0021… far below the number you mentioned as a minimum…runoff monday was 660 going on…but runoff in catch pans was 969 on Bubble Gum amd 1374 on Gelato… seems way to high…

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Well; you are in soil and those numbers show it’s pretty well depleted. Going from the appearance of the plants I’d say they were hungry. Why not go ahead and give them that ratio of base nutes and shoot for 700 ppm and water to runoff. At next watering, cal mag about 500 ppm. Follow with nutes again at same level. I would keep in veg until new growth greens up before flipping. You can start to remove some of the more yellow leaves as none of them will improve.

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Thanks for that info, I will follow that… but just to clarify before I do…I did an edit on that earlier message but it didn’t work right so it may have been interpreted wrong… The nutes going in were 660 ppm for both, but the runoff was at 970 on the bubble gum and 1370 on the Gelato,thought those seemed high… maybe or maybe not but what should runoff numbers be ?

I was referencing my RO water because I am having some confusion on the TDS numbers in relation to what goes in VS what comes out, what is good what is bad. You gave me 700 as a bench mark good start, what should it be coming out. My RO is really low on TDS to start with ( 0021 ) so when I added the recommended 2.5ml or ¼ tsp cal mag it only bumped it to 0095- far below the 350 or 500 you recommended, but if those TDS numbers are what I should go with on Cal Mag then I will - but its gonna be like 3 tsp or 15ml or more per gal to get it that high on just cal mag with RO.

Soil will retain more solids so will produce different readings than in, say, coco. You will have somewhat higher numbers at this point but I would be more comfortable if your soil was around 2,000 ppm. Nothing to do but (kind of) treat like you were in a soilless medium. YOU will provide the supplements.

R/O is good; it’s what I use. Measuring PH or TDS of R/O or distilled is a waste of time as there is nothing for the instruments to read. Anything under 100 ppm or so is unreliable. FYI.

Yeah; don’t exceed the amount they list. There are components in there your TDS meter isn’t reading (mine won’t read sugar–non-conductive).

Ok thank you… this is making more sense…even though I thought my tds on runoff was high‐ it’s actually low and based on the color of leaves and I need to pump in more flora micro as has the highest N of my nutes line , and the 1370 tds runoff is low and the 960 is even lower.

Seems I’ve been in fear of burning them but I’m actually starving them…that and wrong ph

… this

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Better to underfeed than over.

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Tonight’s watering ph 6.51 and 735 tds going in on both. Run off on Gelato 6.46ph amd 1558 TDS, Runoff on bubblegum(auto) ph 6.72, TDS 958


Ok so this morning after last night’s water. The Gelato has alot of purple coming out in the leaves and the bubblegummer is bright green on top with what looks like burn spots

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Yeah; you’re gonna have to give it a couple of weeks and trust that your diagnosis is correct. The leaves will not improve on the plant currently and only new growth is going to darken once it comes in. Do as recommended and continue to monitor input and output PH and TDS. But it’s gonna be a couple of weeks. Also you REALLY need to thin the plant as I stated earlier. You can also strip the lower branches of leaves as they will not ever produce.

Ok will keep the faith…honestly I have no idea how to thin out the plant properly with out damaging it. Tried watching s few you tube videos I found but nothing I’ve found are in heavy veg so I’m kinda afraid to try that and mess it up and add to my existing problem. I’ve only been pulling discolored leaves or stuff on bottom that doesn’t get much light but I do not know what to do with middle or top…reading hasn’t really helped…I’.for that kinda thing I need to see it done…if any vid links are known of that could be forwarded that would be helpful.

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