Revegging? What is going on with this plant?

I have a plant that is behaving very strangely, and the best I can come up is that it’s revegging, but I can’t be sure. I would love some input on what is really going on here. The plant is XXX OG, full indica. A few weeks ago I noticed the new leaves were singular, not resembling the fanning cannabis leaf at all. See photos. In the last 2 weeks, the leaves have begun to normalize, but the plant is seriously thick with growth (much of which I’ve thinned out). Also, there is a HUGE number of bud sites that are way beyond where my other plants are at- they’ve been there for at least the last 3 weeks to a month, but seem to have stopped developing. I was very concerned I might have a male or hermie at first but from what I’ve been able to tell, it’s a female- not seeing any of the indicators that it’s male- although I’m pretty much a novice, this is my second outdoor grow.

Assuming it’s revegging, what can I expect from all the buds that were starting to develop before the newer, more normal looking leaves began growing?

If it’s not revegging, what is happening here?

About 3 weeks ago


close ups of bud sites- there are probably 1000 of these on the plant, easily.

I dont see any signs of it being a male or hermi
Did you start it indoors ?
Can you give me more info
Feeding regiment
Pot size soil tyoe etc ph ppm

I bought it as a clone at a shop (I live in Oregon). Looked totally normal when I got it. It had been topped once, I think.
It’s in a 100 gallon smart pot, in specially formulated soil that is supposedly nutrient rich enough to not require additional fertilizer through the entire grow- it seems like a legit company that caters to the cannabis grower market in the NW and Northern Cali (though I’ve given all the plants some veg stage fertilizer on a couple of occasions). If it helps, and if I’m not violating a forum policy, I can send a link.
No info on PH, I haven’t checked.
All the other plants look totally normal and healthy. The XXX plant also looks super healthy, setting aside the bizarre leaf and mad calyx development. It’s almost TOO healthy (i.e. lots of branching stems, more than on the others).
What it seems like is that the plant was confused and wanted to enter the flower stage much too early, then dialed it back, which would explain the new leaves appearing normal, and the fact that the calyxes as you see in the photos stopped developing- this is my theory, though really I have no way of knowing. Now the new leaves have bracts (is that the correct term?) that are quite small, on par with the rest of the plants.

I hope this helps!

Sometimes pure Indica strain will have some issues
Suoer soils are good so i don’t think thats a issue especially if you bought it from a trusted source
I personally would check ph of my water and do check mine regularly my well will fluctuate threw out the year normally tho its in range 100 gallon smart pot is definitely to big to get run off
Let me tag in a few of the other Moderators and see if they have input
@Donaldj @garrigan62 any thoghts here ?

Thanks for the incredibly prompt replies, by the way, very much appreciated!

I’m using city water, for whatever that’s worth (Portland, our water is pretty great).

Regarding PH, this is something I haven’t touched on yet as I learn more about growing. Testing it seems easy, but I don’t know what it should be at the stage they’re at. Any advice there?

I think being a clone from a shop it would have been under 18/6 lighting to keep it growing, then when you have put it outside even though the daylight hours were adequate to keep seed grown plants from flowering , the shock of going from an indoor environment to an outdoor situation has been enough to confuse the plant into flowering. Some indica varieties and most sativas tend to throw out leaves with decreasing numbers of fingers as they mature. The plant has now recovered from the shock and realised that it should still be vegging. When the time is right the plant will begin to flower again and should be very thick and chunky. It looks very healthy , I dont think you have anything to be worried about. Good luck.



I was just about ready to start typing and you took the word straight out of my mounth….lol
Perfect my friend.



Thank you all, very helpful! My mind is at ease…

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Is this the same as revegging? Was told that she’s foxtailing but I’m not really seeing it. Had trouble with the light schedule flipping her from 18/6 then to 12/12 but I had new flowers in the same tent that had to be on 18/6 so I switched it back. She’s now on 12/12 again, I’m using bigbud and overdrive from A.N To try to get the most out of it

I would love to see this plant now. Looks like she had a hard time deciding whether to flower or veg

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Trashed her, didn’t have time for it really

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