Resubmitting with pics

i have a mature female plant (started from seed last feb. 2016). it started the flowering process (i think flowering) several weeks ago. it’s been on a 12/12 lighting schedule since then. . it has dozens of small (about diameter of a pencil eraser and about twice as long.) “clumps” of pistils at internodes and at the end of stems. they have been the whitish, opaque color but, are now turning amber and not developing into flowers or buds. am i being impatient or is there something wrong. i’m a first time grower. i have successfully grown and harvested another plant - - now in curing process. that plant was started at same time as subject plant and i don;t recall the same situation with this harvested plant as described with subject plant.
also, can one use the dry/curing process with marijuana leaves and get a smoke that provides a buzz. thanks, z

Okay so what I think happened here is it started putting out a few white pistils and then you change to 12:12 is that correct?

If that’s correct then it’s only been in flowering since you changed it to 12:12 so you’re going to need some patience

… the Leaf curls a bit odd, I have a super cheese looks just like that and the mother did too, so that’s either in your strain or somethings up, can you give us other pictures

thanks for response. the plant has small clumps of pistils all over the plant , i.e. at ends of stems and at internodes. when those started to appear i started 12/12. i’m concerned that many of the pistils are turning amber. i interpret that as the plant is reaching full maturity and won’t have any buds. i don’t think this is a herm. i never saw any evidence of the little “balls” found on male plants. your point about the strain is significant. the seed came marked as “o-mix” which means to me that the seller didn’t know name of strain unless o-mix is a strain.

Without pictures I don’t know?

we usually use term Amber to describe trichomes usually pistols we say they’re white or they’re brown but again I don’t really know without a picture, but it sounds like the plants doing pretty normal stuff to me?

And I’m not a hundred percent sure what you’re asking to be honest, sorry I can’t help more