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Any chance you could create a sub-category for growing vegetables and fruit etc


Great idea @bob31 I’m about to start an indoor vegetable garden using most of the same nutes an medium. I really want to try hydro with tomatos first before mj and any help with those would be awesome. And everything would be on one site that’s awesome.

Please @latewood please please please.


@Wishingilivedina420state I wish my State was legal to grow cannabis. One day New York

I grew cucumbers tomatoes lettuce and green peppers successfully usinging roberts methods exactly.


@bob31 that sounds great to me too. I have started some tomatoes in my mini-me tent with my small fry in there. The tomato’s are already popping their roots out of the starting cubes. so am going to have to put them in a pot like tomorrow. they are sure healthy. Started one batch in a small pot with FFOL dirt to see how they do and they seem to like it. Will be putting the rest ina couple of cloth pots…likely 3 gal size. I think I have room for 2 maybe 3 of the 3 gal size in my tent.


@bob31,that would be great to chat about it all an get some free farming tips an tricks off ppl we already chat to daily,would love to hear different types of ph for different fruits in particular,an more hearing first hand an seeing everyones other projects an overall garden knowledge. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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How could you possibly say no to my 6 year olds green bean? :angel:



If you look in the Members Lounge section of the forums there is a section called the Gardeners Corner for just what you are asking about.



I thought so too. Look at the spelling of “Corner” and google it. Then I read some of the posts there…

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Hehe should send @latewood a note to change the title. That’s a pretty rude word in the U.K.

I never heard it before I looked it up. I’m not sure if was intentional but when he reads this topic he can let us know. @Stomper hahaha

Sounds good :blush: I’ve always got my veggies growing

We alreadt have "The Garden’s Corner. It is the ILGM veggie category. Been there for 2 years. :slight_smile:

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Thank you sir, the title has corner spelled as croner so I wasn’t sure. If you could fix that we will start posting there. (The way it is spelled could be a bit offensive to some @latewood

How about if I am offended because I created something for free that someone might be offended by…LOL

OK, so what you guys really meant without actually saying it to me, was that, there is a typo in the Garden’s Corner “frikkin’” category. :slight_smile:
Why didn’t you say so. You guys are talking sub-categories. :roll_eyes:

Doing blog comments now. Will try to get to it, Sirs!


@AmnesiaHaze I thought NY was legal, or maybe y’all just got that good good I can’t remember. But I thought y’all had medical.

Yes we do have medical but I don’t have my card to grow. Just yet…

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Yeah I hear that. All we can get here is pills a gum. I going next week to get some gum. Atlest it’s moving that way.

@AmnesiaHaze @Wishingilivedina420state @Tylan @aussie123556 @Stomper

Ok so this is the correct sub-category for posting topics related to gardening! Have at it!


Thanks @bob31.

@bob31 thanks bob!

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