Removing white widows

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a single grow room running a 600W HPS, I am growing Jack Herer, and White Widow, and from what I understand Sativa based strains need more time to grow than Indica based strains. Because of this I would like to remove my White Widows from the room early so I can shift the light schedule, and even if I can flower them both simultaneously, the White Widow are not feminized, so I may have a male which puts the females and more importantly the Jack Herer feminized plants at risk. I only have one HPS, so removing the White Widow from the room means running T5s over them during flowering. Is reducing the strength of light during flowering and maybe right before going to drastically or even noticeably change the quality for the worse?

I don’t think they will flower off the T5 or at least not very well. I’m interested in hearing the answer myself.

They will still flower with a T-5 , just make sure your light is about 8-10 inches above canopy and you should be fine .