Refund Question?

Hi Guys

Just like to know how the refunds work? My order from October 2015 wasn’t received, they re-shipped but that wasn’t received either. A week ago I asked for a refund which they said they would do, but I need to know how the refunds work?

Do the just reverse the payment or do I need to give my banking details or something? Also they weren’t to sure how long the refund would take, saying that it depends how long my bank takes to process it, which could apparently take a few weeks?

So is there anything I could do besides keep waiting?

You need to talk to the same ones you have been, you will get seeds or a refund. They have problems with customs, got to love the great men who knows what is best for us.

Who has problems with customs?

We have one. Every time you don’t get a package its customs. So everyone in US has a problem I guess. They got 2 of my orders, but not the third.:sunglasses::deciduous_tree:

We do not cover questions like that here. You already have communicated with orders support, and we have nothing to do with that. This is a grow support forum and we allow members to posts about orders as a courtesy, just in case the email communications do not work for some reason.

It is evident that you have been and still are in connected with and that is where the buck stops.

As mentioned; There were issues for a while last year and it put a strain on everyone. I have received all orders except one in that same time period. From holidays to February customs is diligent, knowing that the grow season is right around the corner.

Sorry for your discontent. Peace :slight_smile:

Same in Australia

@duane and the answer is still pretty much the same.

Reply to you shipping confirmation email and the ILGM support folks will help you out.

all is good second lot came through Thank you ILGM

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Excellent! Why don’t you do a grow journal here so we can follow along on how you are progressing?