Refund issue (my own fault)

so i made an order for some seeds, as well as other orders for stuff here, every order i have made has arrived in good packaging and safely and has all germinated and grown swellingly… on a separate note, i made an order about 2 or 3 weeks ago now that i ended up needing to cancel… i got in touch with customer support, they said ok we will cancel the order before it ships, and issue a refund… in short, never received the item (as expected for a cancelation), never received the refund either… been weeks, so what im wondering is, do these people give refunds? or do they just keep ur money when u cancel an order? i have contacted them multiple times regarding this, if i will not receive my refund, at least ship out the order. or i think this site is going down the drain for me.

We here on the forum are unable to help as this is not really connected to the seed selling shop.
I did tag an employee as you can see and when they return to business, (they are not in the USA nor do they work weekends) then you should hear something soon. They are friendly and helpful but overworked so please be patient and nice in your communications. Not implying that you were not but we see some people who are quite uncivil even when posting here. Take care and hope it gets sorted for you. I am positive it will.


Hey @Hershy421 ,

We are so sorry for the long wait on your refund, this usually doesn’t take this long. Something went wrong this time. Our financial team is looking into this as we speak and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

I can ensure you that you will receive your full payment back very shortly now.

Thank you for your patience! :pray:


i really appreciate this reply, it makes me feel at ease. thanks for that.


Never have seen an issue go unresolved. Glitches happen but nobody ever neglected on purpose.


everything was handled amazingly, turns out im the numnuts who made the mistake :sweat_smile:. this customer service is definitely top knotch, top knotch forum. :+1:


Glad to hear your issue is resolved! I agree, this place has got their stuff together. :+1:


I need help i made a seed order and the package ws empty. What do i do?

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Contact customer support. This is the forum side.

Shoot them an email and let them know whats going on. They will correct the problem.

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Is the seed package “factory” sealed?
Just asking, I recently purchased more seeds.

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Thanks for ordering! That’s right, we seal our baggies. :love_letter:

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I just received some two weeks ago and they come in a sealed little mylar bag which I thought was pretty cool

USPS employs thousands of people among them have to be growers. ILGM packets I have received all look the same and have the same return address on them. Theft from postal workers would be my guess for missing seeds or packages. I believe we will see more and more of this. Its not a common occurrence at this point but planning to mix it up with mailing packages might be something for the future if theft keeps up.