Please help on what to do to get seeds or refund

i have put three orders in and have not recieved nothing . i have written to you and have not heard from you . i have gotten a order last year no problem.can i get a refund of what i have spent please let me know if there is something else to try

Have you emailed orders@ilovegrowing I apologize if you have. I am a grow support Moderator, and I Administer the forum; However; All I can do pass your message on. No need to continually post the same thing. :slight_smile:

I had crush seed I email them and they sent me new ones you need to talk to some one in customer support

How do you get hold of customer support? I’ve searched the site and haven’t found it yet. An email address would be great.

Sorry for pigg backing when you buy seeds who changes on your card they told me Amsterdam’s connect so I put them on my card in Amsterdam well now they say bayjieg China .this Lakewood or one of ilgm guys

I don’t think we have any of that information, they certainly don’t share any order information with us.

You need to contact them through your e-mail contact info.

If you have placed an order you can try writing them at


Thanks MacG, :slight_smile: