My seeds came completely crushed

I ordered 10 big bud and 10 chocolope seeds and they arrived in a card with the 2 bags of seeds completely decimated. However this happened is beyond me but is there a way that I can get either a refund or a second shipment of the same product free of charge? I see this is a rather common issue here and if I can actually receive the product I paid for I will surely come back for future purchases. Can anyone clue me in on what I have to do? Is there a number to call for support, because I’m not seeing one.

E-mail Claire at


Same here got seeds crushed and didn’t have free seeds… sent email with pics got response that would re ship nothing yet still waiting

Same here, completely crushed and useless, i thnk they should try a new way of packaging, I emailed them with my concern @ but havent had a response yet. Of course its only been 24hrs.

Common guys, all the info is in your e-mail order confirmations.

Contact Claire or

Apparently they don’t necessarily see these things here any quicker, and maybe even less quickly as it is just the “public grow forum” – more for helping people grow, not so much for directly chatting with “orders” customer service.

If you notice, Robert and Claire almost never comment on any of the stuff in the forum, they are way to busy answering customer service e-mails and getting orders out, or they have more pressing issues, like keeping their seed bearing plants healthy.

All the posts in the forum from Claire, as you can plainly see, are the ones she or Robert just don’t have the time to deal with, and they are more “grow support” instead of “customer orders” e-mails, and so they are posted here in the forum so – Latewood, myself, or any of the numerous other wonderful volunteers in our growing community – can be able to devote some time and a give quality answer.

Be patient and keep working through normal e-mail channels. And don’t forget, they don’t work on the weekends and so they might not see them until monday if you send one near the weekend. Give them some time, they will hook you up.


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Any crushed seeds will be replaced ASAP! Just contact Claire and we will reship your order ASAP, using of course different shpping methods, the foam balls are already in the trash!

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Ilgm responded to my issue with lightning fast speed and resolved my problem. Im very happy with this company and look forward to continuing business with this company!

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Good to know…but did u receive them yet

Not yet, its only been 2 days. I’m quite sure they will be arriving within the next 8-10 days

Post all inquiries to :

Thanks for your support! :slight_smile: