I received crushed seeds-now what?

Hi! I was so happy to see the package in my mailbox today…only to find all of the seeds are crushed. Can’t plant them :frowning: I need advised what to do at this point. Thanks :disappointed: Lisa

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Hey, Lisa, I sent a flag up the chain so they’ll see this, and you should follow up through normal e-mail channels to see what you need to do to get a reshipment, if indeed all your seeds were crushed dead. I’m very sure the seed’s guarantee covers seeds damaged in shipping as well as all the rest, interceptions or being lost/stolen in the mail.

Also, contact/e-mail claire@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com


Thanks for your help! I received an email from my original to them and forwarded some pics, too. I was so excited that they came so fast and elation went to disappointment in a snap. Thanks again!

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Cool, good to hear. Yes, just work with them and they’ll hook you up. Be patient, sometimes some things take some time. With such an awesome guarantee, everyone needs to understand that ILGM needs to do its own checks and verification before they send out replacements, as I’m sure everyone can understand, some might try to take advantage of such a fantastic guarantee, so it might take some time before you get your new shipment. I mean they can’t just indiscriminately send out tons of re-shipments at the drop of a hat without some proof, otherwise they’d go out of business.


Totally understand! I am amazed at how fast Claire responded-I mean, immediately! I saw some negative posts after my initial order and was unsure if I made the right choice but after how fast I have been tended to, I can’t say I went wrong. You have been on top of things since I joined the chat and asked about a particular strain and within a couple of days the strain I was looking for was mentioned-now that’s fast!
I’m looking forward to the new ones, hopefully the USPS doesn’t screw them up again! I’ll be sharing updates…Have a good one :wink: Lisa

We hope so too! :)…

Hi, My name is Steve, I had both my orders today, a total of 20 fems. I paid a fair price and I too was happy to see my packages. I love Roberts Grow Bible, have learnt a lot, but to my total horror when I opened both orders EVERY SINGLE seed was crushed! Ranging from split in half to total dust, I have emailed them through customer support, I am not making any positive or negative comments yet as I need to give them time to sort it and redeem themselves, Im sure they will, I will let you guys know what happens, Peace out.

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Hi Steve, ours too, were crushed to dust. I tried looking to see if there were any remnants worth trying to plant but unfortunately, there weren’t.
I received an email a few days ago that the new order shipped, waiting to see what comes! :v: :sparkling_heart:

Same here sent pics of damaged goods fast response. … waiting will let u know… ? I’m in the USA what bout u and have ordered from other places

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1st time ever ordering…we’re in the USA too :slight_smile:

im in uk, I too had fast responce off Claire and she did promise to sort it out, just waiting on new shipment, i will let you know what comes of it. I hope you all get satisfaction in your orders guys have a good day. peace.

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Still patiently waiting…kinda wanted them by now, we have a limited growing season (outdoors) here in PA. What about you guys?

mind were crushed too got confirmation of reshipment on 4/28 waiting now

Same here waiting live in Delaware

Geesh iceberg, you probably have the same growing season! I wanted them ready by now! :angry:

Lisa and Ice … I got my second order of seeds 10 days after they were shipped. The first batch I ordered was on Feb 2nd and they never made it. Last year I planted 3 White Widow seeds on July 2nd and it was still enough time to have a good yield. Harvested in early October. I’m in Virginia so the climate here is very similar to yours. I did plant 6 WW and Super Silver Haze today … Yay! I’m so excited. This year I dug two really big holes in the ground and filled them with Miracle Grow Potting Soil. I’m hoping those two plants get huge. The other seeds I planted in 8 gallon pots.

Hope your seeds arrive soon!

Thks for word of support I’m a very patient guy. …funny thing ordered my lights on ebay from China they came already sitting in box collecting dust

*I wish I could get a ship date! Hubby keeps asking me if I’ve heard anything…I’m usually the impatient one but trying to maintain composure lol *

Just email them they will tell you when they shipped . If you have order num. you can use it to find out also Here./ilgm.co/order_status. Good luck. Btw don’t count weekends. Only business day

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