I received crushed seeds-now what?

Thanks MT1! Someone just mentioned emailing them to ask for a ship date…ask who?

An update guys on my crushed seeds, My new ones came today which Claire did promise as they were dust. Im glad they kept theyre word and restored my faith, it did take a few weeks but we got there all look good too, as in whole. lol. Hang in there guys, let Claire know whats happened show the proof and im sure youll all be fine guys. Big thanks to Claire and the team. Hope you all get your seeds guys. Peace out.

Lisa … email Claire at I Love Growing Marijuana. Give me a sec and I’ll find the exact link for you.


Claire was very responsive to me each time I emailed her with questions. And I was kind of cranky about it too. Once it was apparent the seeds from the first order were not going to get here, she quickly re-shipped another order to me. I had the second order within 10 days. It may be hard to reach her over the weekend, but I know she’ll get back to you early next week.

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I also have received crushed seeds what can I do

e-mail them at orders@ilovegrowingmarijuan.com

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I just emailed again, mine were supposed to have shipped on 4-17-15. Hoping to hear back soon!

heard from Claire on Thursday May 14th and she said new order shipped on April 17th…should be here this week. I’m thinking that ordering will be limited to the US next time.

*Here we are at the close of another week…hoped my package would have arrived before today. it didn’t take this long for the 1st (ruined) order to arrive. Hopefully they are getting put in the mailbox as I write…this is a holiday weekend here in the states, so no mail on Monday. I’m starting to get a little upset about this :angry: *

I ordered around March 10 and nothing ever came. They claimed to have reshipped on April 30. Now it is June and nothing again.
Well, they claim to be trying to ship a 3rd time to me, whereas I would rather a refund for all this running around for nothing. (I would LOVE the seeds but have a hard time thinking they will ever arrive or if they were ever actually shipped) Plenty of promises but no product.
I recieved 2 seeds I ordered from a different Amsterdam vendor that sells single seeds, to see if the seeds can get here. I received that company’s package in 10 days!
No guarentee from them and only one germinated. But they made it to my door, my soil, my garden and all within my planned timeframe. Now, I know a sure deal can be made with this other company but I have this pending/incomplete experience with ilgm that I would love to be resolved before I spend more money. I have a glimmer of hope left, due to these forums, but I feel like they are pulling my leg. The only reason I’m avoiding mentioning the competitor I successfully purchased from is because I am not trying to leave the impression I have an agenda or ulterior motive other than expressing my disappointment and concern I’ve been deceived.
Somebody help! I ordered, I paid, I wait

I, too have been somewhat optimistic due to this forum…I received an email on May 27 stating a new order shipped out. So…my time outdoors is slowly waning…this has swayed me from buying anything out of the states for a while, if ever.
I hope your order comes soon!! And mine! :unamused:

Are you having them reship to the same address cause that could be the problem,your address may be tagged by customs

Yes Cash, mine are being shipped to the same address.

Also, too late for the ones that they said shipped on May 27th. Good for future reference.

*I am stoked!! Got them today in perfect condition!! Plus, in a beautiful card from the Netherlands!! Thanks much to Claire for taking care of me :kissing_heart: Can’t wait to share the progress! Claire, if you’re ever in Western PA, US you better let me know :wink: *

Received my package with nothing usable… all crushed to dust…Anything you can do to help would be appreciated. Pretty disappointing.

if you read back in this topic you can find some emails to use.
One is orders@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com email them and send a pic with it. That’s what I did when mine ere crushed and they sent new one out to me.

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kantquit, I also received crushed seeds…I emailed them and got a new shipment. All said and done, took about 2 months. I was a little disappointed by some of the comments made by others who hadn’t got anything in many months but I am happy to say the new ones arrived the other day, totally unscathed! :wink: good luck my friend, wishing you the best!! Lisa

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Same here took awhile but they are ture to there word


my name is bobby, I had 10 beans and only had 3 survivors, I emailed ilgm and have had no response, I also sent pics of my order, if my order is took care of this will be my new bank I go to, they have been great, would appreciate if the crew would contact me

Lisa … .so glad you got your seeds! Yay!

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