Red spectrum lighting

Need to add some red spectrum lighting. Using Next Mega light. Very happy with the results. I want to promote better colors on the flowers. Any suggestions?

Do u have pics of ur light when its on

The camera in my phone sucks. The color graph shows that it’s kinda week in the reds with the highest performance in the blue (white). Its gonna be a minute before I get a new light so I’m hoping I can buy some red bulbs and just hang them or clip to the poles during flower to bring out some purples and reds in my flowers.

I had a look on line there is a far red grow light strip u can get the about $150 us its a mixture of far red and infrared and uv

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Blow colder air towards end of life, last 2-3 weeks will bring out a variety of colors


My challenge is that the current light is hung in the center and covers the majority of the tent. 3x3 of the possible 5x5. May have to try the cooler temps at the end. I really need a second tent with a light that has a different spectrum. Use one for veg and one for flower. Oh, andd a 2x2 for mothers and seedlings. And an irrigation system with a timer and a reservoir that holds 25 gallons of premixed water and nutes. Nothing 4k wouldn’t fix:) I’ve had exceptional results with this light but I’m never happy and cant leave well enough alone. Thanks for your response!!