Adding 9watt red and blue LEDs to Fluorescent photo bulb grow?

So im using these 105 Watt | Fluorescent Full Spectrum 5500K Daylight Balanced Light Bulbs in a 4x4 area. I had 13 going at once but it was getting to hot so i replaced 4 of them with 9 watt led bulbs 2 red and 2 blue. My question is am i using the most effective spectrum? Should i only be using the blue or red or am i right to be using them all at the same time? Or should i go back to the original bulbs i was using? so far iv used the lights withought the color bulbs and have had great results, but when i added the lights in 2 of my young autos went into flower? currently have both the blue lights on the babys and the reds on the big boys.


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I believe you have a good spectrum, but you’re lacking intensity with a fluorescent light. You’ll need an upgrade for adequate intensity.
HLG lighting will offer a nice fixture for you 4x4 area.


Yes lights u have will veg yhe plants nicely for sure but for flower u want something with a bit of authority. Flourescent will not have the authority ove the plants in glower and u will be upset woth the turnout. Good luck. Like covert says hlg is about the best bet for good lighting here.


all the flowering is done in a separate tent.

so why the sudden flip to flower from the baby autos? if not the spectrum change then what could it be?

Autos transition to flower when they want. Doesn’t matter the light spectrum or schedule.