Household led bulb

Just wondering if anyone has experience growing with the regular a19 household led?

As the “white” spectrum covers the McCree curve better then red/blue and quantum boards and pcbs are only chips these lights must be similar in some way?
I imagine that you have to remove the diffuser?
Is it basically transferred guidelines as cfl grows(keeping lights close, looking at 3k and 6.5k) or is it the same as quantum board or led grow light?
The biggest wattage i have seen on ahelves is 15w(true actual NOT equivalent) would that suffice?
I would also think a brand like osram, Crompton or philips would be best?

So ramble over bring on the experienced voices, picture evidence would be great too
Thanks all

You can use those. You would need about 10 of them per small lst plant

I used 10x 100 w equiv. 23w actually CFL and it veged OK and flowered but the buds never became dense. Low yeald and the buds never fully matured fluffy and airy. I don’t believe the cfl’'s have enough intensity to do the job effectively.

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I use the phillps mini twister, 6500k then 2700. I disagree about fluffy buds with them. If u have enuff they work great.

Just switched them all the 2700k last night, goin to flower tday. The pics r from a gsc i harvested a couple months back. I have also started using led bulbs with good results. If u look at one of my previos threads i should my led light i made.
@NreeG here is a pic of the phillps bulbs i use and the led bulbs i have been using, plants responded very well to the led, gtta keep them about 18"-20" or they will burn the girls.

And for my 2700k bulbs they r earthtronics, i local used building supply store had a big sale on them so i stocked up, 2 bucks a box!!! Not per bulb but per BOX of 12.

Hope this helps u


The Philips are the ones I used 6500/2700 (flower). 10 weren’t enough that’s for sure. I mean they grew, just not “fully finish” I’m smoking it now and rather unimpressed. But I learned a lot. One thing was " LIGHT IS CRITICAL" short cuts here cost ya!

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I also grew with ‘cost efficient’ bulbs… ended with like 20 grams of grade a for 76 days seed to harvest. ‘Lighting is the key’

The most successful grow ive seen with these style lights was my boy @elheffe702… havent heard from him in a bit. But check his ‘refridgdank’ journal. Sweet haul


I def dont disagree, light is key. I ended up with 1oz and almst anoth qaurter. I was happy with results also but MORE is better. That is why i have started added the led bulbs and seen a considerable difference for sure. I am slowly gnna switch out to all led as i go. I would like to find the noma led lights i use in a lower kelvin but for now i am using the domed 2700k and 3000k led with domes removed, with out dome the lux jumps alot. I am learning as i go and enjoying every minute of it, best therapy EVER i think


Yup its to the point i find it soothing to smell good dirt. ‘Playing in dirt’ is my new second fav pastime

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You’d need like 20 of them to get 300watts.

It’s evident to me that to spend another 100 on more bulbs isn’t the best direction for me. At that investment I can get a 100w HLG led kit, though still not enough for my space (2x4x5) but better than the cfl’'s (IMHO). I’m saving for a HLG 260xl and that should do it.


That is absolutely a great decision!

Wow I love this forum more everyday! Everyone has an abundance of knowledge and experience to share, so good.
Thanks for the replies

@HornHead what do you base this on? I understand 10 would be 150w(ish) of led which I am to understand is quite powerful particularly with brands like osram, cree and philips?

@Liljoe that is a maad budget bargain, gotta love them wins.
How did you go about removing the dome?
How many led vs cfl do you run? I count 8 cfl in your photo no led?

@Audiofreak Is that cfl bulbs and are they vertical? Pretty sure their best horizontal as strongest at the spirals.
Have you tried led bulbs?

@PurpNGold74 Love playing in good dirt too mate, always loved flora and fauna had roses and veggies going anywhere I’ve ever lived, great outdoors.
I’m not looking at cheaping out on light i know the ladies need the good stuff to give us the good stuff.
Was it cfl or leds you used? Also did you scrog, lst anything like?

@blackthumbbetty by which stage ya may as well build or buy something proper, cost and time be more efficient at said point, but have you tried these?

Not looking to cheap out on light in any way, gunna diy an led for flowering with pcb and get a hlg65 or hlg100 for my veg room, ultimately just looking for knowledge and more importantly information for others that have a similar questions

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I used a combo really. In veg 3-4 6500k leds and a couple 3500k cfls. In flower 3-4 cfls and a couple leds. They were all in lamps tho and draped hanging all over the fishtank. Nothing anyone should try to reproduce but got the job done

These are under cfls… they work great for vegg and cloning and seedlings… :wink:

I have flowered with them in a sog with great results… :wink:



U gotta look at pictures again. Lights are horizontal. Yes those are cfl. And no haven’t tried the led bulbs as the cost for 10 or so real good ones is just too high when you consider the cost difference to go QB. At least from what I’ve gathered here and elsewhere.

@NreeG @blackthumbbetty i am running 22 cfl, x 23w = 506watts. I have 11 led in there, added 3 more today. I should be around 85-100watts in led, havent did the math yet. I have 6 plants going under them. My room is 5x5x7 but my grow space is 5x3.5x 2.5 ish. I have a patio table with some leg cut of so i dnt have too much bending to do with a bad back.

Here is abit better veiw. Oh and plant r 3 OG kush and 3 Girl scout cookies. Lots of lst, some topped some fimmed and 1 OG not toped or fimmed

These i get for 5 bucks a pair on sale at canadian tire, the domed ones on sale for 3.50 each. I just buy a couple here and there when i see on sale. The dome r easily removed with flat head screw drver, the glue or sealer isnt that tuff. Just a gentle poke and slow twist at the base of globe and pops rite off


I just took a better pic showing almost all my lights. Led’s all up in the middle and cfl’s all around it. All the cfl are 2700k now, switched out 6500k’s last night as today is my girls 1st day on 12/12.

Oh wow that is alot of bulbs, nice even and complete coverage but. So have you noticed any relative difference between the two?

@NreeG yes i have noticed my girls are taking shine to the led’s for sure, it covers the center area of my canopy and cfl’s surround it. I have noticed better growth under led area

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First grow? Or any prior harvest? I wanna see how you flower.

O n dont think im just hatin. Ur killing the watts per square ft deal. Sweet setup honestly. Kinda some ish my pops would pull. :joy::+1:t5:

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