Household led bulb

No not my first grow. This is one of my GSC from last harvest

This one is about 4 weeks before harvest

I really enjoyed the end product, 1 and 1/4 ounce almost, dry on the one pictured


Sweet! Nice work there. Looks like nice dense nuggies

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Thanks @PurpNGold74, i still have so so much to learn. Next upgrade when $$ and wife allows is most likely the Quantom Boards that are mentioned so often here, this site is a wealth of knowledge and all u fellow growers are the best as well. Love this place.


@PurpNGold74 here is a pic of inside of nugget, i had great crystal throughout also.


Sticky resiny goodness :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5: Well done sir. Enjoy that bud for me

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You have almost the same DIY fixture as I did at first for veg. I switched the CFLs to 5000k LED bulbs to cut down heat and much more intense light. I found 10 of the 17 watt ones online for $2.50 a bulb somewhere. I like the innovation. I still use a DIY t5 6500k light for veg. It’s 250 watts and runs pretty cool.

I’m soon going to replace it with a diy light I built last spring with dbrn32s guidance.

My flower room is about to get a major upgrade to ChilLed technology which should double my yields I hope. A bunch of us have found out that we should have started out with good lights in the first place. I should have “found” the money somehow especially starting off growing 10 plants.


Using stonepoint 55watt led here. You can get at amazon or your local big box for about 30 bucks. Color rated is 4000, wattage actual.
These wil not work for flower, i am an outside grower using them for mothers, they work well and cheap per lumen.

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Here is a pic.
Actually they might work for flower if you have enough of them, probably need at least 6, but if i was going to flower i would look into diy.


Thank you everyone for your knowledge and experiences
I beleive the question has been answered. The standard household led globe CAN be used.
So correct me if I am wrong here anyone but here is a breif guidelines for the a19 led bulb/globe

  1. Diffuser/Dome needs to be removed.
    Note: I found the Osram, Crompton and Philips domes I have removed are only PLASTIC and glued on tight. I found a flat blade screw driver wedged and wiggled between housing and plastic and patience helped. Also if the light had been running for an hour first heats and softens the white glue.
  2. The exposed diode is to be treated like led panel/strips and MUST be kept 12-18 inches away from canopy
  3. Treat them in SIMILAR formula to Cfl, Between 4500-6500 kelvin for Veg and 2700-3000 kelvin for Flower.
  4. Watts are watts so don’t be slack and give proper light. You need sun she needs light.

fabulous reverse engineering !

That is correct sir. You need 3 of the 15 watt bulbs per foot to grow decent weed. I use them in my seed starter I built out of a kitchen hood and they work perfectly.

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I salute you ! :zap:


When you say “kitchen hood” do you mean the rangehood/fan and light etc over stove?

Yep. Got it from the dump @NreeG . Borrowed a friend’s metal holesaw kit and bored a bunch of 1" holes for the rubber sockets. Got the LEDs from the cheapest sources I could find. I’ve got about $50 in the whole setup and I can run about a dozen seedlings or clones until they have 3 or 4 nodes.

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Does the fan still work? That’s a awesome setup.

I was going to edit the post and say that, but I was on another thread about the grow off. Yep it works fine, just noisy. I don’t care cause it’s in the barn.


Hey that’s perfect. Get airflow and lights and the price was perfect lol.

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I’m in my 29th month of serious personal grow and I’m still using CFLs and 4ft LED shop lights for my veg stage . Combined lighting produced 12-14 ozs from a WWauto. CFLs are 6500k and 2700k they use 40watts ea and produce 3000 lumens and 2850 lumens at $10 each at tractor place but better buys and better bulbs on amazon. 4ft led shop light is 5500 lumens at 6500k for $20 at Wally’s and I use 12-16 CFLs @ 4 ea to a splitter socket avail on Amazon and 4 of the shop lights. Those produce about 65,000 lumens and light saturation begins at about 75,000. I get par value etc but I’m not concerned with it for what I’m growing. I also use full spec LEDs for flowering on some and have combined them as well. I run them 20 hrs on autos or photos until flowering on those. They use a combined 1475 - 1800 watts depending on what’s on including fans and raises my elec bill an average of $26 per month vs about a $100 per month for 1 600W HPS. I’ve grown some high grade weight producing plants with these lights. I used HPS my first and second grow and it didn’t produce what the CFLs etc I’ve used. it’s a headache for temp control for any small space It’s very hot , you will need cooling and more air exchange as well etc Good luck and hope this helps you in your decision. I couldn’t be more satisfied with mine. I will eventually upgrade to all LEDs

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do you have an EARTH cable in your amazing setup ?

Of course. I may be crazy but not insane.