Red/ purple leaves? Not ready for harvest

This starts on a plant, with in few weeks I’m loosing all fan leaves and then some. Just worried, someone tell me not to be??

Most likely colder night time temps are causing those colors
Where are you located ? Region wise temps below 60 will youll see some pretty colors
You may need a little nitrogen but the fan leaves lower on the plant will yellow and die off and this will work its way up in flower

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Everyone has been getting these pretty purple leaves lately because of the cooler weather. Has the temperature dropped recently? It’s nothing to worry about, enjoy the pretty colors.


That little cold snap put some colors in a lot of people’s plants.

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Growers in colder climates will, at this time of year, will be getting more and colder cold fronts.
The temp drop will make many strains change color. Losing yellowing leaves is normal in the later phase of the growth cycle of the plants.

Next time, please don’t water the plants just before taking the pic. I spent 5 mins trying to figure out if that was some kind of plant rot.

Best Wishes

ya. you are fine :wink: i have a few leaves exactly like those and i also live in maine. just the plant doing its thing during bud

Ok. Thanks for putting my mind at ease. I have had night time temps dip recently.