Recommendations for PH meter

Bought two off Amazon. Neither would calibrate. What should I buy?

I bought the apera 20. It’s been solid. Just keep it soaking in the 4.0 fluid.


I’ve got the same apera 20. Love it.

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I just got the same, Apera PH-20, and I also love it. Although my cheapo gave more resolution (6.35 vs. 6.4 on the Apera), but that’s just being anal.

Another Apera user here, I love it.

Thanks. Looks like a consensus. Should have know a $11 unit would be crap…

At least you didn’t spend $40 on a piece of crap. Mine had an analog calibration. Crap-o-rama, and my plants struggled as much as I did.

When your ready to buy a meter youll never repalce
This is the one i use it accurate and i need to calibrate it maybe twice a year if that

I also have this one but it way over kill for most

I got one of the cheapies too. After a few attempts with it I just threw it back in the box and it sat there for a year. Then I was watching a YouTube video with one of those professional dudes been growing for years and lo and behold the same cheapy yellow black meter I was like wait a minute how’s that guy using that cheap piece of junk so I broke it back out of the box we looked it over and realized how to use it. Very simple once you know what to do. They are very sensitive and you must use cotton balls and distilled water to clean it every time. And after the second time of cleaning it in the distilled water replace the distilled water. That keeps the meter accurate. The high-dollar ones do the same thing as the cheap ones do it’s just that you have to make sure it is clean which takes a little bit of work with cotton ball and making sure your distilled water is clean and you will get an accurate reading as long as you calibrated it in distilled water with the package they gave you. When this does break eventually I will go with a better one just because I want to try new things

Correct. Remember high school lab. I use oakton double junction replacable electrode pH meter. I test in in 7solution after cleaning it. Then clean it. Then test. Then clean it. Everytime same way. It’s a scientific instrument that is not only
Sensitive but can wear out quickly.