Recharging carbon filters?

Speaking of the "standard " metal carbon filter, can they be refilled with new carbon? Mine is a Vivosun and has screws attaching the end cap and flange. Anybody taken one apart??? Can you just pour the old carbon out and refill???

What I’ve read it’s hard to get the carbon packed in to be effective. But could try and see

I have been searching for weeks all over and can find no reference to doing this at all. Can’t imagine someone hasn’t tried it out.

Re packing would not be that difficult as long as you continue to shake the carbon down as you fill slowly. It’s finding the right carbon. I have inquired with carbon companies but it’s difficult to get recommendations and pricing since they normally do not sell to the individual customer. Filter is filled with pellets.


I have read…as far as the carbon itself, the granular carbon is preferred due to more surface area as opposed to the pellets (in general).

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I recharged my carbon filter. I drilled out the rivets in the end cap and removed the carbon pellets . I went to petco and bought a few of these

As for packing it down , I waited till laundry day and I set it on top of my front load washer (which vibrates like crazy on high spin ) and filled it 1/4 way for each load. They compacted nicely. I put self tapping screws where the rivets were and it’s scrubbing my grow room exhaust as we speak. Hardest part was stabilizing it on the washing machine lol @Audiofreak


Did that FILL the container completely? What did that carbon cost???

Have you turned the filter around yet? I have a Vivosun filter and they say you can switch the caps to extend the filter’s life. Haven’t tried it yet but if you do try to refill it, keep us posted and let us know how it goes.

It took 2 of those . My filter is a 4” . Cost about 6$ a piece

How well did it work? have you gone through a full cycle with it?

Yup the rivets is how I did mine also

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Hard to say I had to scrap my last grow . Ended up with 2 hermies. Made it to 3rd week of flower with a 2 month veg. Currently a month into my new grow and still going strong. Come flower time that’ll be the test.


I’m sure it will work, but don’t know for how long. They activate the carbon differently for water applications.

I wonder if it can be rinsed like aquarium carbon can and be reused?? Thanks for the picts. Looks easy enough to do (replacing) from the picts.

Thinking that or just remove rinse and repack?

Looking at this stuff from Calgon Carbon: