Carbon filter replacements

Are they really proprietary??

No, it’s based on duct size/collar diameter typically. 4", 6", 8" etc.

Dork at the grow store tried to make me think it’s complicated (shakes fist)

Don’t listen to them, the pro’s are all here :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can even refill most good ones but damn messy trust me for the money you save the dust and mess you’re cleaning for days is rarely worth it

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Refill the carbon filter? It’s a fabric that fits over a tube, right? How would one refill that?

Maybe some confusion.

The carbon filter is the big heavy filter.
The white filter is just a pre-filter to catch the “big” stuff. Those would need to be sized to the actual carbon filter and would be a little more brand specific. However, they can be washed.

Refilling the carbon filter is actually replacing the carbon inside the big heavy filter.

Oh @Matthew420 then yes I am confused. Not knowing where to star my questions what can be replaced and waist is disposable (you have to buy a new one)?

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It’s all a bit disposable.

In most cases, at some point, the filters will need to be replaced. You can wash and dry the white fabric pre-filter.

The big heavy filter, that the white filter slips over, can be replaced or just the carbon in it replaced. For under $60 for a new filter, I personally won’t be refilling.

Some also have “reversible” end caps. This means you can swap ends of the big filter (3 or 4 screws on each end). This allows airflow through a part of the filter that was least used.

Lol my filter is nearly $300 but rated for 600cfm 89lb’s 2 1/2" carbon bed it has refill option 50kg bag of carbon is about $60 but very messy. Looking into new one this summer will need to be working it’s best with PK going

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Haha, fancy! I think I paid $59 for mine (just the filter).

Lol they have come down in price some over the years and early ones lasted years were repurposed from body shops etc… I love mine but won’t need so large a filter again any time soon. Was using for spaces far larger more plants than now

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LOL! Made my own bought a 7 inch fine mesh strainer for $8 at Walmart bought 5 pounds of carbon on ebay $15 fits perfect in tent vent hole holds a pound $23 total with 4 refills