Recharge, Tribus Original or both

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I had already some Tribus Original, I am using it on no nutes watering days.

I was gifted a bag of Recharge.

Do I use Tribus and Recharge together, one or the other, or?


You can use them at the same time or separately, typically I use Tribus a few times a week (every other day) and use Recharge once a week and stop giving Recharge in mid flowering as it brings in some extra nitrogen with it.


Thank you! @Hellraiser

I hope you have a great day!

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One more thing… What doses are you using?

I am currently using the Tribus at 1/4 tsp per gallon.

I give Tribus at 1ml/gal and Recharge at about 1 tsp/gal.

Here’s some info on best way to use Recharge


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Thanks @ Hellraiser!


I use the same dosage amounts as hellraiser.

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Hellraiser has you covered here, solid info as always

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I used trivia and recharge both on this grow of Girl Scout cookies


I’m using Jacks 321. Should I add the recharge to my nutes or just give it to my plants separate from nute water?

When I give recharge (weekly and I stop in mid flowering) I just save some of the Jacks mix (enough for 8oz per plant) and then add the Recharge to that and give to the plants.

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Really appreciate the info bro! :ok_hand:t3:

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