Recharge in soil during flowering question

Hello again everyone, I bought some Recharge to throw in because people love it and I love my plants.
Question I have is I have seen conflicting info but did see a post from Hellraiser supposedly from the creators of it. If I am to believe what I read, I will water as usual and then wait a few minutes and add recharge.

My question is, I’m using 1 gallon per watering with my nutes. Do I water to runoff like normal then add recharge? I don’t want to water too much and mess something up but they supposedly said to water with Recharge after the soil is already wet. So what amount should I mix and feed my girls as to not have to use a whole other gallon separately and potentially flush out my nutrients I just put in. Is there a smaller mix ratio or should I add directly to my nutes?
Thanks in advance for any help.


Hellraiser would save some of the nute water and add the recharge, then split it up between the girls
Like about 8oz each if I remember correctly


Awesome thank you for that. I was trying to figure out how I would work it in but was beating my head against the wall lol


You got this bro!

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