Recent transplant 4 different strains all photoperiods

So just recently did a transplant from starting pot to a 1.75 gallon second home for my 4 plants. Im trying to figure out if my OG Kush is just experiencing shock, over or under watering. All other plants seem to have handled the transplant better. Humboldts Dream, Bubblegum, purple punch.

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This could be from transplanting. Is this your final pot? I would go with a 3 or 5 gal. Fabric pots are great, less overwatered and can get better runoff.
Water in a circle about 3" from stem so roots will hunt down water and food.

Strain - OG Kush Photo from seed supreme
Medium - Ocean Forest
Pot size 1.75 gallon just transplanted from a small starter pot 4 inch tall by 3 inch wide
Ph water - distilled water 6.8 range
Indoor 4x4 tent
Light kindled x750 was running at 25% at 1 foot from plant canopy par reading was at 250- 270 range first 18 days flipped to 50% at 12 inches from canopy reading at 450-470 par range
Temps been running on cooler side being in a room with poor insulation daytime high lights on around 74-75 night time 65-68 range humdity 70-75% Vpd .75-.80
6 inch Ac infinity inline fan with 3 ac inifinty oscillating fans
Humidifier Ac infinity cloudforge t7
Ac inifinty 69 wifi controller

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Final pots will be Ac infinity 7 gallon fabric pots

How did her root ball handle the transfer? Any crumbling?

Yep slightly unfortunately i did have disposable gloves on.