Recent to ILGM and the Seeds

So about 4 years ago I had begun the journey into growing the magical weed known by its formal name cannabis indica/sativa. Realizing if I want to keep cannabis around economically I had to grow it. Went online found a different seed supplier, purchased some Purple Kush Feminized and began the process of learning about how plants grow, not just the whole photosynthesis thing, but everything to create the proper conditions to make a happy thriving cannabis plant. I learned a lot in those first 18 months especially how plants in pots of soil are easy to get going but difficult to finish properly.

Anyway, I was out of feminized seeds, money and wasn’t having much luck with bag seeds. I went online to look around and came across this site. After seeing the price of White Widow Feminized seeds I thought there had to be a trick. Against my better judgement, but needing some seeds, I placed the order and couldn’t have been the wiser for it. At first the seeds that were sent didn’t germinate and the customer service people immediately answered my email and sent out double my original order. The genetics in that Widow strain have got to be the absolute best in the business, because I put a clone through almost comparatively putting it down the garbage disposal but after rescuing it giving it a bit of tender care it responded and is flowering today with not seemingly any ill effects, no hermaphroditing or refusal to flower inevitably dying. Took the very same strain, different plant, about 4 weeks into veg cycle out of its hydro drip pot, cut the lower roots off, stuck it in a bag for about 2 hours, to which another friend placed it back into a new drip pot and its a tree today. That strain will never go far from me because I absolutely love it death, you literally can’t kill what it was meant to do. Hats off Bergman your doing a great job. I’m hoping the Chemdawg will be as fruitful as that lovely Widow. Just wanted to let folks know what my experience has been with this site and Mr. Bergman’s ability to provide nature’s pride and joy, Cannabis.